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We’ve heard loud and clear from Tamebay readers that, whilst they like the idea of an new competitor to eBay and Amazon, they don’t like the idea of supporting a site with a monthly fee while it’s growing. OnBuy have also heard you as they are introducing a new service tier to support smaller sellers with no monthly commitment.

Cas Paton, managing director of OnBuy, explained saying “We have listened carefully to feedback from some of the smaller sellers who don’t want to pay a monthly fee that may absorb a large portion of their profits”.

Today OnBuy has launched “Onbuy Basic Seller” in response to feedback from customers. OnBuy basic sellers pay no subscription fee at all, and OnBuy charges a selling fee of just 6%.

OnBuy is continuing to offer their no commission £49-a-month subscription for the majority of sellers, as well as its premium no commission £89-a-month subscription for managed sellers. Sellers signing up to be an “OnBuy Seller” and paying the £49-a-month subscription pay no commission fees, as well as API access.

Sellers can also upgrade to become an “OnBuy Managed Seller” and pay the £89-a-month subscription, which includes no commission fees, API access, advertising opportunities, prominent placement and tailored account management and support from the OnBuy team.

OnBuy is growing every week and has already signed up sellers offering 2.4m product lines since its launch at the beginning of November.

16 Responses

  1. Great move on behalf of OnBuy. One of the things many sellers don’t like about Amazon and eBay is that they’re never listened to!

    I’ll probably take a look at loading inventory in early January and see what happens.

  2. Fair play to OnBuy. What they are setting out to do is tough and it says a lot that they’ve adjusted the offerring following the feedback they got.

    Best of luck to OnBuy. As soon as the API is settled let us know.

  3. Well I’ve just tried to sign up and the only options it’s offering me are £49 or £89 per month.

  4. Good. Well done.

    I understand why Onbuy had the subscription model (to prevent an influx of sellers they might have struggled to handle)

    I think this is a great move and hope they have the systems in place to handle what will hopefully be a spike in subscriptions.

    I hate dealing with Amazon and Ebay they really treat their sellers with contempt. I pay £100k + commissions a year and I get treated better by companies I spend less than £1000 a year with.

    I will be looking this Christmas.

  5. Just got an email about this, I am on the £49plus VAT plan. If you are a small seller just under £83k like me it is £58.
    Now 6% plus STRIPE still brings it just under my eBay fees 8% plus PayPal. If they get the sales I would stay on the £49 plan.
    Now with the £500 of boosted listings having a 3% charge which I have, problem is there is No one for me to BOOST against.
    I think giving the choice is good and should attract some more sellers.
    I think the biggest hurdle will be changing the British buyer’s mindset.
    Am going to give it one more month on the £49 plan if nothing I will drop it for 6%. Am at £145 on sub fees now before I actually SELL a thing over ebay, onBuy and Amazon.

  6. OnBuy are listening today….I just hope that they continue to listen to sellers even when they are big (unlike Amazon and especially eBay)

  7. Just signed up for the basic seller level now. How do I get the format for the CSV to upload inventory ATM?

    Have made some comments about onbuy’s entry level on some seller forums I am active on.


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