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Freedom Homestores have spotted that eBay are now displaying feedback for the specific product on sale. It displays past feedback only from the seller who’s listing it is.

Just above the Buy It Now button, eBay display the number of previous sales a product has had. Now there’s a new link ‘See Feedback’ and that’s where the magic happens.

Click the link and up pops a layer displaying the number of Positive, Neutral and Negative feedback comments received by the seller for that product only, as well as some of the most recent feedback comments. If you’d like to see it in action on eBay, check out this listing from Freedom Homestore for vacuum Pack Bags.

I really like this, it only shows feedback from you if it is your product so you live or die by your own reputation. Unlike reviews, your feedback is what it is. It also (so long as you have good feedback) gives confidence to the buyer that the product they’re about to purchase has been well received by your previous customers.

Over the years there have been a number of widgets which you could use to perform a similar function and display feedback in your listing description. This will replace them, as is often the case with eBay they look at what sellers are using and build the feature into the listing itself – we’ve seen this with images, postage rates, returns information, business seller information and a host of other features that have been added over the past couple of decades.

To take advantage of this new feedback display feature, you’ll want to use GTC listings with a good sales history and it should then pop up automatically. You will also want to monitor your feedback as, more than ever with this new display, any negative or neutral comments will be on display for all to see.

24 Responses

  1. Very interesting except …..

    If you sell very low quantity high value, have say 2 in stock, and first buyer leaves a neg, can you sell the other 1? Obvious answer is just to relist with new item number and slight change in title. The neg incidentally may be nothing to do with the product itself.

    I had a very rare neg recently where buyer roundly condemned my packaging. Seeing the photo eventually provided it was quite clear the product hadn’t just suffered the normal rough and tumble of mail delivery, but had been subject to some extraordinary impact that sliced through everything. I doubt a metal box would have protected it from this. I have used the same packaging for the same series of identically packed product hundreds of times all over the world. By luck the actual product inside wasn’t damaged but I still got a neg. When I checked the feedback it shows 15 positive and 1 neg, but doesn’t actually show either the neg comment or my response, so the buyer looking at the product has no idea what the problem was.

    As an aside, the only times I have ever had customers complain the packaging arrived completely destroyed (3 times in 15 years) it has always been to Australia. Is this a common experience?

  2. I’m not seeing it either, even in the link? Looks like a Beta test run, but great idea! Perhaps eBay’s response to reviews where buyers are commenting on sellers rather than the product?

  3. Leo
    I know what you mean, they constantly push FBA too – makes you wonder if they are on commission!! ;-)~

  4. All my reviews have disappeared this morning off my listings? Nore can I see this new feed back above the buy it now button?


  5. Great news. Only last week we were saying this this should be a feature by now. This is even more important on Amazon given many people list on the same ASIN. Some sellers provide sub-standard quality versions against a listing and the overall listing suffers from their poor feedback. Such a simple feature to implement, well done ebay.

  6. Agreed a great feature from eBay but cannot see it using Safari. It seems like everyone is struggling with this features visibility or is this a phase in by eBay?

  7. I can’t see the new link in either Safari or Firefox, signed in or not signed in to eBay. Perhaps eBay is testing this new feature? If so, it’s a keeper.

    As for the comments re: Tamebay selling out and publishing sponsored posts — not so! There is no price tag on Tamebay’s soul. I admire and trust Chris’ and Dan’s editorial integrity.


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