Looking at the eBay UK 2017 Spring Seller Release

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eBay UK made their Spring 2017 Seller Release this week. It’s always big news and it’s not a case of sellers having to react with the question of “Should I jump?” The question is “How high?”

The most vexing issue, as is explored by many of you in the comments, is that eBay UK will be changing how you pay fees and bringing that back to the UK. That means UK’s 20% VAT will apply. How that affects you will depend on how you trade. But it will affect many and likely not positively for many.

Other stuff. eBay want the rights to your images. Changes to categories, news on Turbo Lister and updates to the delivery times defects policy. Lots to absorb.

You can find all the stories referenced in this post in our round-up post: eBay UK Seller Release: Links to everything you need to know

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7 Responses

  1. Ebay wants… Ebay wants…. Ebay wants…
    I want Ebay to sort out the glitches, scammers and various other issues… Free returns regardless? Even more reason NOT to read the description!
    Oh and them to honour their regular statement of ‘we’re listening to our sellers…’
    In the meantime we have dumped jumping through all the hopes for a small amount of discount and actually seen sales rise and workload / stress drop, Strange eh?

  2. Re eBay claiming rights to images – some of our products include our own photographic images to which we hold the rights. So, if eBay wants to claim rights to images that include those products, we will just delist them and stop selling them on eBay.

    Yet again another arrogant move by this incompetent organisation that consistently fails to support the sellers that enable its business model to survive.

  3. Thank you for your appreciation BFT, although I sense their is a little animosity in your message.

    Of course it is a sting in the tail for sellers that are not registered for VAT.


    VAT registered businesses already have a disadvantage, at the end of each quarter, we pay a substantial amount from our profits to the VAT man. So we get penalised for growing our business, compared to those that stay below the threshold.

  4. After 10 years on ebay I will be delighted to close my ebay store this Autumn when I head off to university to study Physiotherapy. I have become tired of giving ebay more of my profit, jumping through hoops and altering thousands of listings for yet another raft of ebay changes with the promise of attracting better quality customers. We lost the assistance of a Powerseller manager years ago and ebay’s customer service to business sellers remains poor. Won’t miss answering questions 24/7 either !


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