Top keywords from over a million searches on Pricesearcher

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Pricesearcher have revealed their top 100 searches by category for April with data from over a million search keywords.

Electronics remains the strongest category with 25% of searches, closely followed by Garden on 24%. Toys and Gaming have a strong showing at 16% whilst Footwear and Apparel lag on 11% but Pricesearcher point out that they’re lacking selection although growth is strong as retailers list more inventory. Pets take another 11% with the Home category on 8%, Sport 3% and Gifting on 2%.

There are three key takeaways:

  • High-value items in Electronics continue to see greatest search volume
  • Garden has bloomed into life with the improved weather
  • Store locators important to Toys and Gaming

If you visit the full blog post on the Pricesearcher blog, they have listed the top keywords in each category. Don’t forget that if you want to list your products on Pricesearcher it’s free and will probably take you less than 15 minutes if you already have a product feed in any format.



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