Why is it so hard to get broadband without a landline?

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For the past few months or so I’ve been spending a lot of time in Spain. I’ve been living in a nice little flat, in a lovely Spanish town, between trips back to the UK, and when I sounded it out prior to heading over, pretty much the only concern I had was about internet: “can I get unfettered and reliable wifi, so I can work?” It was so easy to get broadband without a landline.

The resounding response was “of course” with an almost bewildering confusion that I should even ask from the folk at Wimaz. And they were right. Indeed, the basic service I have enjoyed in Spain on a temporary basis has been better than that which I could have ordinarily expected back in the UK.

The apartment I’m using has a cute little satellite dish out front on the balcony that means I can readily access the internet. I have never seen anything similar in the UK. See above. But more than that, it is not on a fixed contract. I can pay as you go (and monthly payments are best value at about 40 Euro) and I simply pay for ‘all you can eat’ data as I need it per month at a fee most completive to UK subscriptions. And, most importantly, I don’t need a landline or a 24 month tie-in as is usual in the UK with BT or the rest.

We desperately need a similar system in the UK. Why do I pay for a landline with BT that I never use? It is an archaic and outdated conceit that costs me something like fifteen quid per month. Not only could I not tell you my landline number, I’ve never shared it with anyone else. When I mentioned to a BT phone operative that I don’t need or want a landline she said: “Most people say that.” The clues are there.

Now, of course, there are companies that do offer broadband without a landline back in Blighty. But I think they are predominantly in London. Relish is one service I have seen advertised on the tube. It should be more widely available.

Do you need a landline?

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  1. We’ve not had a landline for about 15 years now. We currently get our broadband from Virgin without a landline, but there’s not many alternatives out there. I looked at a BT package, because I was interested in getting BT Sport for the football. However I refuse to pay for a landline I will never use. So it looks like a trip to the local pub for the football from now on, a good excuse as any to get out of the house for a bit.

  2. Is it not easier just to get MiFi – A wifi device from a mobile network which runs over 4G? No need for a landline, just get a data tariff.
    Certainly in my house, 4G is so much faster than a fixed line broadband anyway!

  3. I don’t have a landline phone connected to my landline … too many unwanted calls. Not sure I’d like to risk wireless only (no back up system), but it is a waste of dosh, really. BT should worry.

  4. I use a mifi with a three unlimited data sim. bets bit is it’s not tied to the house so can take it with me when i go away.


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