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Thomas J Vosper PricesearcherEarly in 2017 we wrote about a UK startup search engine which promised to be a free source of traffic for retailers that was easy to sign up to and add a product feed. It looks like things have been going well, so we’re checking in to see if they’ve delivered and are still growing.

We spoke to Thomas J. Vosper, Head of Retail at Pricesearcher to get the low down on what’s happened over the past year

Pricesearcher – a new search engine

12 months ago we launched our mission is to index the world’s prices. What this means, is we are creating a site that gives the consumer the complete overview of prices from all of their buying options.

We already see over 1 million searches take place on site each month and, just as we promised last year, the traffic we send and the resulting sales is still completely free. Many sellers who joined in the last year are telling us they have seen traffic that converts higher than google organic and we often appear amongst their top referrers.

Pricesearcher a vertical search engine (just like Indeed is for jobs, or YouTube for videos) and is already the UKs largest product search engine – showing shoppers over 140M prices.

We have been covered in the national press and in the run-up to Christmas The Sun and The Independent named us as a leading destination site for UK shoppers.

In 2017, thousands of e-commerce sites chose to submit product feeds to us in ten countries, amongst them over 250 of the UK’s most recognised retailers and hundreds of Tamebay readers. In return, we sent them organic traffic – high-converting, engaged shoppers for free.

Why is Pricesearcher free?

Providing sellers with a platform to show their products free of any cost is a fundamental philosophy for Pricesearcher. Our mission is to index the world’s prices giving the consumer the complete overview of their buying options.

We’ve worked hard to build a scalable business with a small, core team of industry experts and data scientists that enables us to grow within our investor funding.

We are in the growth stage and will develop an optional ad-model on part of the site in the future. There will never be a charge to index your products in Pricesearcher, nor will there be a CPC, CPA or commissioned model on the traffic we send to your site or the resulting sales.

What will the next 12 months look like?

We predict the next year on Pricesearcher will see extended long tail selection coverage; increased traffic though raised consumer awareness; and further international expansion beyond our current 10 countries.

Industry wide, you have probably read a lot about the rise of mobile commerce; but there is no doubt that voice assistants (Alexa, Google Home, etc.) were heavily promoted in the run-up to Christmas. In the future customers will still want to access accurate, trusted, product and pricing information on whatever device they use.

By supporting Tamebay sellers with our free platform we believe you will be well positioned to integrate into the next generation of search engines and product discovery.

Quick, simple and free set up

Our early work solved the challenges retailers often face with integration into new channels. We accept any feed format and even after 500M products worldwide we’ve yet to ask a retailer to undertake any development work on their feed.

We also already work with the major feed providers and integration partners; and many offer to provide an optimised feed to us on your behalf as part of your existing service package at no additional cost.

We also have free Magento, Shopify and Woo Commerce plug-ins that offer an effortless option as any updates automatically update Pricesearcher in the background.

Who recommends Pricesearcher?

“If you’ve not already submitted your product feed to Pricesearcher, you really have to ask yourself ‘why not?'”
– Chris Dawson, Editor, Tamebay

“It’s a bit of a no-brainer”
– Dan Wilson, Editor, Tamebay

“Pricesearcher brings UK retailers opportunity to reach millions of shoppers. I recommend sellers take advantage of this opportunity. There is no risk involved and you are getting free traffic which otherwise would have been paid for with tradition paid shopping campaigns.”
– Prabhat Shah, Founder, Online Seller UK

“I have signed up this evening, very straightforward indeed.”
– Terry, Hampshire Models

“Proper Job. Feed added.”
– Martin, Whirlpool Bathshop

“[consumers] work out the best current price using Google Shopping and Pricesearcher.”
– The Sun

“Pricesearcher is easy and it’s free.”
– The Independent

How do I join?

To find more visit:
To join our search engine please provide your feed: or ask your feed provider to get in touch: [email protected].

5 Responses

  1. Well we have submitted our feed to Pricesearcher and are in the retail directory. So far we have been impressed. We had to email them to get our logo up in the directory and it was done.
    Plus we tend to be on the front page for most our products when we search. This is something we would pay Google through the nose for. So far the search seems “fair and transparent”…Lets be honest Google, Ebay and Amazon are not, you need to pay to play (and heavily pay now), and we simply do not have the marketing budget that someone like Argos will have.
    End of the day when we are priced similar to the corporate s and in many cases better, we are seen on Pricesearcher when we are not on Google.

    There a few we bits the big retailers get we don’t seem to get. Like we offer Paypal would be nice by our listings. No harm done in us using them anyway.

    I think it is just getting public awareness that will be the key. People in the UK are in a Amazon and Google bubble and are not always getting the best deal.

  2. lol. obviously convinced by this article, i went along to pricesearcher to see about uploading a feed, and found we’re already on there.
    the Shopify plugin is so damn easy i genuinely forgot we had it installed, all our new products get submitted automatically when listed, zero maintenance required. 🙂
    can’t say i’ve noticed much in the way of conversions though 🙁


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