Have you experienced a problem with eBay tracking numbers this week?

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We’ve seen a few reports of eBay sellers having problems when entering parcel tracking numbers in the past week. But, equally, we can’t say for sure that there has been a problem. So we thought it best to ask the experts: that means you. Have you experienced any problems when entering, or indeed editing, eBay tracking numbers this past week or so?

The reports are unclear and inconsistent. But basically sellers say that they are having problems entering the details, editing the numbers and amending them. One Facebook commenter noted that they had been in contact with eBay customer support and they conformed there was a problem. Another said that they had previously experienced issues which did now seem to be resolved.

Obviously, tracking numbers are a requirement for sellers and critical because they determine certain aspects of your defect level and seller rating. And, in the event of a problem or dispute, they are vital in determining the path of events. Even if eBay doesn’t always take them as gospel.

And buyers value them too: it helps them understand when exactly they’re going to get the goods and make plans accordingly.

Have you experienced an issue with eBay tracking numbers in the past week or so? Please let us know so we can build a full and complete picture.

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  1. No, because we won’t be adding any tracking info on eBay until we’re forced to do so on the 1st of June.

    From my perspective, it’s just another pointless hoop to jump through. Our customers already get an email and a text message from our courier with updates/live van tracking etc. and have done for years.

    Will they be able to change the delivery date/ask it to be left in a safe place/delivered to an alternative address etc. from within the eBay platform? Of course not. It adds nothing for our buyers in my opinion, just duplicate information and more things to go wrong.

  2. I have had problems on a couple of days entering tracking numbers on the main website but after heading to the Ebay forum I found that I could still enter the details using the Ebay Mobile App.

  3. Been restricted indefinitely despite always entering tracking being top rated with no negatives in 12 months

    If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone so be careful working with this corporation. They honestly don’t care.

  4. I can’t input any of my APC OVERNIGHT tracking numbers into their system for a few months now, every time i input a number and enter COLLECTPLUS comes up

  5. I never enter tracking details and I don’t follow the “buyers value them too: it helps them understand when exactly they’re going to get the goods and make plans accordingly. ” way of thinking as if they were really as important as people keep saying, I am sure I would be asked for them.

    I do understand that sometimes it is important and I have myself asked for them on the very odd occasion. But I really did not have any plans to make for the arrival of my Salt & Pepper pots or 100 other items that I have brought in the last year, that simply just turned up without fuss.

    And for Royal Mail standard post 1st & 2nd class, the item is only tracked at the point of delivery, so chances are, I already have the item.

  6. Brought 3 items today all posted to me but all 3 items have tracking numbers that are not recognised

  7. Hello.

    We use APC – when entering the the tracking number on eBay, it needs to be the long 22 digit one with no spaces and courier name is just APC.

    It should then let the buyer click on the link beside their order in eBay and it takes them to the tracking page on the APC website with the correct tracking number pre-populated, the buyer then needs to enter the delivery postcode to track the order.

    It’s not as seamless as some couriers, but seems to work OK for for us, hope this helps someone.


  8. @NMartin
    Thanks Nick
    Just tried the way you input the 22 numbers and works a treat
    Thanks for the help

  9. Well we have noticed something with our Royal Mail barcode, Wed, Thurs, Fri
    Instead of starting with 320 like all ours do, and they were fine today and back to normal.

    Everything from those days starts with IF0, this is on the labels and we only went to notice when we went to see if a delivery had arrived we get “Tracking information is not available for this service”
    This has happened for all 24/48 and parcel services. RMG appears to to be generating wrong or useless tracking.
    This what being uploaded to ebay and it does not work.

  10. evil horrible devious fiddling ebay sellers are the cause of all tracking errors ,non delivery damaged and lost items

    every ebay buyer knows this
    no good making excuses


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