Amazon Map Tracker on the app is expanding reach

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The Amazon Map Tracker tool is now available to more users in a nationwide US roll-out. You can access it via the Amazon app and it will let you know exactly where your Amazon delivery is at any one time. This means you can plan more effectively and be in when it arrives or, if needs be, change the delivery address.

The feature will be familiar to Uber user or some of the courier companies with similar app features. The Amazon Map tracker shows you exactly where your consignment is. It will also inform you how many drops the driver will be making before it arrives and how long it might be.

Currently, the Amazon Map Tracker only works with packages delivered using Amazon Logistics. It does not work with other carriers such as UPS, FedEX, or USPS. And, as far as we know, it’s not available on the app for UK users. But that will likely change. As they say off the feature:

The Amazon Map Tracking feature is another delivery innovation we are working on to improve convenience for our customers and provide them greater visibility into their deliveries.
– Amazon spokesperson Alana Broadbent

It’s obviously a useful feature for shoppers and a good addition to the app. But Amazon Map Tracker isn’t all that original and other couriers already offer similar functions to shoppers. Indeed, some are more sophisticated.

But what’s canny is the potential. If Amazon could bring people to its app to track consignments from other couriers, that would bring advantages to Amazon and shoppers. It would also perhaps eliminate the need to have multiple shipping apps if you are an obsessive tracker.

We also hope the feature will be winging its way to other countries as soon as possible.

2 Responses

  1. “And, as far as we know, it’s not available on the app for UK users.”

    Oh yes it is! I’ve been getting the tracking notifications for my last few deliveries here in the UK. Very useful, very accurate too. The App usually notifies me when the driver is 6-8 stops away, and then I can see his van on the map.

    Massive fan of the DPD system, really pleased to see Amazon get a good step closer to that ideal.

  2. I’ve already seen this in the UK. I received a notification on my phone from the Amazon shopping app. Upon opening, it displayed a local map with the location of the driver and number of deliveries before mine. Love it!

    This was for ASIN B01FDLD52A on 28th April in South Wales on the iOS version of the app. I have a Prime account and the product is currently Prime merchant-fulfilled (the vendor also has FBA products, so this may have changed). I think the courier was in a plain, white van, but on checking my order says it was delivered by Amazon Shipping.


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