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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) can often appear hugely complex and expensive for a smaller business and that’s why ProSKU developed their solution specifically to cater to your needs. It’s not designed or priced for enterprise level customers but is tailored for ecommerce businesses who recognise that they could streamline their operations but aren’t sure where to turn.

If, before this year’s busy Q4 with Black Friday week and Christmas, you’d like to get a solution to help manage your warehouse then read on – we asked Alex Mills, Sales and Marketing Director for ProSKU, to tell us more about their solution and how they can help your business grow:

Who are ProSKU?

ProSKU WMS is a relatively new product in the ecommerce marketplace, but one with an enviable pedigree in the field of logistics software. Introduced in 2016 by established WMS software provider Chess Logistics Technology, ProSKU is aimed at smaller and growing companies in the e-commerce and fulfilment sector.

Developed from ‘a clean sheet’ using the latest web technology, ProSKU can be deployed quickly, easily and cost effectively. Its technology, modern accessible interface and optional features approach make it ideal for developing e-retail businesses.

What does ProSKU do?

Many ecommerce businesses may not have considered using a warehouse management system (WMS), and may even be unfamiliar with what they do. But ProSKU, with its background in large retail and 3PL systems knows the potential benefit a WMS can bring to this fast growing sector.

A WMS is about managing physical stock more effectively, but also about managing the resources needed to do that, namely those of space and labour. Both are key business costs; using a WMS helps you control these costs to maximise the return on your overheads.

How does ProSKU work exactly?

ProSKU is a software as-a-service application hosted on Amazon Web Services that will operate on any web-enabled device using a modern browser. In a typical stock environment there are numerous task types involved, from receiving and locating goods to picking, packing and despatching orders.

ProSKU caters for all of these with the option to use either fixed PC or tablet, or various devices via its dedicated Android App. The App handles receipt, putaway, transfer and multiple picking techniques, and offers scan options to verify locations and products and capture data like serial and batch codes.

Can ProSKU integrate with other systems?

Integration of systems is critical to today’s e-commerce companies and no software system can work in isolation without the ability to share data with current or future applications. ProSKU’s open API functionality means it is able to import orders and share stock data with web marketplaces, multi-channel solutions and ERP applications. It can integrate with carrier management for despatch labelling and consignment tracking, and offers traditional CSV import facilities for data population.

Why would I need ProSKU WMS?

ProSKU WMS is designed to manage physical stock and the activities related to it. Central to this is using ‘best practice’ processes for all warehouse activities to make them as lean, efficient and disciplined as possible. After that you can build in the level of accuracy and verification you need to make the processes secure and error free. The result will see your operation run more effectively, eliminating poor practice and wasted effort. You will maximise productivity, save money by cutting errors and greatly improve utilisation of space and personnel to control overheads.

How do I know when I’m ready for ProSKU?

ProSKU WMS is not designed for the very small operation. But for a growing business, various indicators may tell you when you need one. It could be a steep rise in volumes, needing larger premises or extra staffing, or increased overtime costs to handle workload. (As a rough rule of thumb, an operation with over four warehouse staff will gain benefits greater than the system cost).

The need may also be apparent because you’re experiencing persistent problems. Things like high error levels at pick and despatch, poor utilisation of space or labour, lack of real time data or inaccurate stock availability figures.

ProSKU Adds Sparkle to Diamond Fulfilment Operation

Leading courier company Diamond Logistics commenced live operation with ProSKU WMS in late 2016 to manage fulfilment operations in its fast-growing UK franchise network. Diamond operate from over twenty UK sites to provide a range of logistics services, storage and fulfilment.

Diamond trialled the ProSKU system at their Guildford HQ before going live, and worked with the ProSKU technical team on a number of enhancements to fit their process. The system then proved its worth at Guildford, handling large volumes of fulfilment orders involving item-picked products. As a result the system is being rolled out for use by existing franchisees.

Why should I choose you rather than your competitors?

ProSKU WMS is a UK based solution backed by an experienced development and support team. Engineered for the modern stock environment, it’s a warehouse management system with an App, not just an App-based solution. It has broad, accessible functionality exceeding that of many products on the market, and full integration capability for data sharing. Its mobile App is not just a responsive web application but has an interface created specifically for smaller devices to support simple, task processing efficiency. A genuine cloud product, ProSKU offers a distinct implementation approach which can take a customer to live operation within just two to three weeks.

What should I do next?

If you’d like to find out how ProSKU can help you manage your stock operation more efficiently please get in touch. We are currently offering a free consultation and overview demonstration of the system at a time to suit you.

Get in touch on O800 170 1161, by email at [email protected] or through our website at


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