Amazon Ambassadors defend FC working conditions on Twitter

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The next time you see a positive tweet about Amazon, specifically related to the conditions that fulfilment centre (FC) staff experience, you might be seeing social media content that comes from one of the Amazon Ambassadors. Here’s an example:

It seems that there some Amazon warehouse staff who are paid, or perhaps incentivised in other ways, to step up and make positive contributions to the debate. Amazon has confirmed that there is a scheme:

The most important thing is that they’ve been here long enough to honestly share the facts based on personal experience. It’s important that we do a good job of educating people about the actual environment inside our fulfilment centres, and the FC ambassador program is a big part of that.
– Amazon Spokesperson

According to some sources the Amazon Ambassadors are experienced staff at fulfilment services who also have public contact via warehouse tours and are paid as such. Other sources say that they receive some small tokens of appreciation in other ways. One Amazon Ambassador is reported as saying:

a paid day off (that expired in 3 weeks lol) and a $50 Amazon gift card. Plus, they gave us lunch. Coldcuts and sandwich bread.
– Former Amazon Ambassador quoted on Yahoo!

In Europe recently there has been some industrial unrest in Spain and Germany and also press scrutiny of working conditions at various Amazon fulfilment centres. Complaints include charges that picking and packing targets are unrealistic, conditions are unpleasant inside the warehouse facilities, that there are limits on using the toilets and charges of bad pay. In reply Amazon has been strident in its response by pointing out that FC staff are well paid for the sector and receive other perks as part of their total compensation.

It’s hardly surprising that Amazon is utilising social media in such a way. And it’s not surprising either that there are plenty of engaged staff enthusiastic about talking about their employer and work. But, crucially, the tweeters do seem to be billing themselves as an ‘Amazon FC Ambassador’. And that is good manners.

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  1. OHH dear…probably held at gunpoint…Amazon has had a lot of of its success with slave labour and poor working conditions . I know people who have worked in the Dunfermline FBA centre and say the conditions are pretty bad.

    It is not just Amazon look at Sports Direct another company that does well on zero hours contracts and worker exploitation, they are all at it now.
    Greed rules the world. These companies have no social responsibility. Longer term negative impacts will far out way any saving now…


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