eBay Managed Payments have arrived without PayPal. Goes global in 2019. #tamebaytv

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In this week’s video, the big topic of conversation is eBay Managed Payments. This week saw the first payment being made on eBay in the USA. Merchants out side of the United States won’t be able to opt-in until next year and PayPal won’t be included until summer 2019 either

The question is whether you’d get involved. It seems like a risky opt-in at this time of year when PayPal is still not one of the eligible options and won’t be integrated until summer 2019.

(And if you can’t view the video above, you can find it on YouTube here.)

Here are some of this week’s important stories mentioned in the video, if you want to get more detail:

1st successful eBay Managed Payments transaction takes place. And you’ll find a lot of the information in this post useful such as opting in, how your can’t opt out, the unavailability of PayPal, what that means for shoppers and details on the eBay Global Shipping Programme. There is also information about how disbursements will be made and the changes you’ll need to make to your accounting processes.

eBay Managed Payments will go international in 2019

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9 Responses

  1. You say ‘But how do we educate buyers that it’s OK to return something on eBay without saying there’s something wrong with the item? That’s something that eBay themselves will have to do’.

    Ebay will do nothing they don’t want to upset the buyers. They are pushing returns more and more to buyers, they want them to keep spending and if they return something ebay get return label income.

    Ebay also now have realised that due to the returns penalty fee, returns will become a real money spinner and allow them to put sellers fees up. They want the false SNAD claims left in the metrics to make sellers look really bad so ebay can justify charging them more.

    With eBay it’s just about how much they can get away with in fees, they don’t care about anything else.

  2. The common sense method of altering things like payment methods is “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it”

    The eBay method is “If it isn’t broke fix it until it is”

    So, after selling on Bay for over 17 years, I for one will be looking for a more enlightened company to handle my future sales.

  3. Buyers create false SNAD cases because, it is a free return for them. They don’t get any negative left on their account or suffer financially. They know ebay will let them get away with it time and time again. If you only buy on eBay you always have 100% feedback. Sellers can never see if in the past the buyer has abused the return process or claimed excessive amounts of item not received cases. Ebay just want buyers to keep spending. They see sellers as commodities, if one business seller leaves another will take their place.

  4. A good idea, I can see it working well in the categories of fashion, homeware, furniture, shoes. Like anything though this scout page will get lost in the myriad of other pages that are on Amazon. I recently tried to find the new page “store fronts” and could not find it and also couldn’t find “launchpad” etc.


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