eBay UK PAYDAY promotion 10% off 10am to 8pm today, 28th Sept

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There is a eBay UK PAYDAY flash sale today (28th Sept), with 10% off purchases from 10am through to 8pm.

Simply make a purchase of £20 or more on eBay.co.uk. Enter coupon code PAYDAY at checkout when prompted. The maximum discount you can receive is £50 per redemption and you are limited to one redemption.

Effectively, with average fees running around 10% on eBay, the marketplace is waiving their fees for a ten hour period and giving buyers a discount code valid for every eBay seller, large and small. If you are a buyer all you need to do is make a purchase and enter the discount code PAYDAY at checkout.

Make sure you enter the discount code before you complete payment – on both desktop and mobile version of eBay you’ll probably need to scroll down the checkout page and if you don’t enter the discount code then you won’t get your 10% saving.

For merchants, this promotion hopefully means that you’ll see a bump in sales and have a busy Saturday if your warehouse is open at the weekends or a busy Monday if that’s the next day you’ll be picking and packing orders. If you can, be prepared to get as many orders shipped today as whatever goes out with your carriers this Friday will make next week’s workload a little easier.

Full Terms and Conditions for the PAYDAY flash sale are on the eBay site.

4 Responses

  1. Nothing new or illuminating in these videos.

    Simply reinforces how unfair the entire thing is.


    They still have not joined up the dots to explain why charging ‘Very High’ rated sellers an extra 4% is going to improve the buyer experience. Stopping these ‘very high’ rated sellers from selling on E-Bay might improve the buyer experience, charging them more and letting them carry on regardless will not !

    Similarly, unsettling and generally hacking off every genuine seller on the planet is not likely to improve the buyer experience either !

    A turd wrapped in Christmas paper is still a turd ! Pardon my French !!

  2. The lions share of my sales today happened….before 10am !!

    For reasons I cannot put my finger on, these promotions don’t even seem to move the needle on my sales.


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