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Helen Parker - The Wholesale CommunityWhen working day to day in your business it’s easy for weeks and months to go past without reassessing your goals. That’s why The Wholesale Community, sister company to The Wholesale Forums, is offering a free business health check. With the busiest time of year approaching, the health check is totally free and you’ll get an outside view from experts who can help you spot ways to improve your business and grow your profits.

We asked Helen Parker from The Wholesale Community to tell us more:

Who are The Wholesale Community?

At The Wholesale Community we are dedicated to helping people with selling online. Whether they are starting out – setting up their own website to make some money on the side, running a successful site looking to expand internationally or simply looking to improve their current sales. Started in 2004, we have built a network of over 200,000 experienced and professional members, all dedicated to helping each other.

Think of us like a daily networking event dedicated to those trying to build a successful company in ecommerce whatever they’re selling.

What does The Wholesale Community do?

We make sure that anyone selling online, whether on their own website, or a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon – has everything that they need to make their business a success. We have been in the trade business for almost 15 years and understand everything from setting up your own website, to dropshipping, to international selling, to making yourself an eBay millionaire!

Through our sister site we offer a free and vetted stock marketplace to buy goods along with a forum updated daily for advice from our community. On we offer eBooks, guides, a wholesaler directory and most importantly for readers here, a free Business Healthcheck to assess what help you may need to grow your business.

Why should I be interested in The Wholesale Community?

The world of ecommerce is so vast and complicated now, that there is no-one who should not seek advice. Gone are the days when the internet was a small revenue line that retailers didn’t need to worry about, it is central to every business and more importantly to every shopper – this creates a massive world of opportunity for anyone who wants to improve their revenue or start making money online. But, it is also a competitive landscape in which your approach and the people you choose to help you will make the difference between immense success or petering along selling a scarf a month, and wondering why you aren’t doing better.

We were at the Autumn Fair at the beginning of September and one of my most commonly used phrases was “The Internet is not magic”, and that works both ways… SEO experts in your inbox every day will tell you your website isn’t good enough, and how to fix it for a “reasonable fee” to make millions (if I could raise by eyebrows online I would…) and people will also preach how it is too difficult and you could lose your house overnight. Neither of these are true, having a successful, longstanding, reputable online business is like all things in life – research, hard work, ambition, time and a bit of luck and a bit of help will get you there, and that is what The Wholesale Community and The Wholesale Forums are here to help you do.

We have a vast amount of experience within the community, people who have been running successful online business for decades and want to offer advice – we also vet our suppliers and partners to make sure that the companies that are offering their help are proven professionals so your time and money is well spent.

Is there anything else we should know?

The Wholesale Community ecommerce health checkWe’re offering a free online health check to anyone looking to understand what they should be thinking about when expanding or selling online, whatever stage your business is at. Since every person and company is different – we will walk through each part of your business, understand what stage you are at and what sector you are in – and then contact you directly with recommendations for a further in depth conversation.

What we provide is a free consultancy to help you improve your business and ensure you get niche targeted advice direct from our team’s decades of expertise. Click here to complete your free health check today.

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  1. The irony of taking business advice from someone who destroyed the community and thus the business they had with TWF! I think i will pass!



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