eBay Click And Collect bug – Appearing on listings that do not have it enabled

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It appears that there is an eBay Click And Collect bug is appearing on some eBay listings that do not have the service offering enabled. Sellers who have not enabled click and collect on their items are seeing that the items are showing click and collect on the view item page and buyers are able to select it as the shipping option

This eBay Click And Collect bug is a pain for sellers as some products simply aren’t suitable for Click and Collect – those which are outside the weight or size dimensions suitable for the service or where the product value means that the product should be excluded.

eBay customer support have indicated that the approximate fix date will be the 9th of December 2018, so this is an issue which won’t go away any time soon and will be present over the busy Black Friday to Cyber Monday selling period.

eBay’s suggested interim advice is to add on the item description that you are not offering Click and Collect or can forward a message to the buyers informing that that the service isn’t available. The problem with the former is that buyers rarely item descriptions, item descriptions should be exclusively for product information and not for shipping terms or other contractual information and that sellers would have to re-edit their descriptions when the bug is fixed. The problem with sending messages is that this would be after the product has been purchased, will ding seller’s metrics and is creating needless extra work for sellers trying to rectify a problem which wasn’t their fault in the first place. It’s a terrible buyer experience.

We’re frankly at a bit of a loss when it comes to giving advice to work with this eBay Click And Collect bug until the issues is fixed. If you’ve got any bright ideas please let us know in comments below.

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  1. Just had a couple this week that couldn’t be done C&C; annoying for everyone when having to explain to the buyer – BUT be sure to select the “problem with buyers address” when choosing your cancellation reason from the drop down, so as to avoid getting that seller metric ding (which is only given for cancelling when “out of stock or broken item”).

    Otherwise, yeah, just yet another of the myriad bugs that come with the ebay experience; quite why they need well over a month to fix it is beyond me.

  2. We noticed this problem a couple of weeks ago and it’s not a bug. eBay have withdrawn the option for the seller to tick a box to say a listing should be eligible for Click and Collect and instead now make everything eligible subject to the dimensions and weights of each item so if you haven’t filled those in for the listing you will need to.

    It seems that all we have done this year is fight fires with eBay constantly tinkering around with the back end. I wouldn’t mind if we had fair warning but we only ever find out when a problem occurs. It’s been quite a drain on resources so far!

  3. I had this issue…

    I went into site preferences which said I had opted out out of Click&Collect. I unselected and reselected that option… and I’ve had no more C&C orders.

  4. “So we’re still very confident in what we’re doing and we do believe that the existing base will evolve and it’ll come along but we are very conscious that we don’t want to screw up the existing ecosystem.”

    – Devin Wenig, President and CEO, eBay

  5. I’m at a loss for words. Ebay has literally been one glitch after another for sellers and buyers over the last few years. While they run around like headless chickens trying to squeeze more out of sellers pockets they seeem to have forgotten to invest in any staff that actually have a clue what tye are doing. Just as the peak season arrives… so does a major ebay glitch. Wait until all those buyers that were expecting an item and rarely check back after purchase, suddenly find that after waiting several days… the item was cancelled due to an ebay glitch. Goodbye ebay, hello Amazon.

  6. Since the summer updates, eBay has shown themselves “NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”. It,s been one thing after another and no communication. As a small Business seller, they must really hate us. They give us nothing and it is just TAKE TAKE all the time for the “PIGS IN THE TROUGH”
    About 4 months ago click and collect disappeared from all my listings. I checked it was enabled and it was, contacted them and about a week later it was back on. Since then when I print out PayPal there is no address and has not been for over 4 months now. You have to get the address off eBay order details and although contacting eBay and PayPal who couldn’t care less it is still like this. They must have the most useless IT dept on the planet and the overpaid idiot in charge must spend all day scratching his backside.

  7. EBay need to treat Click n Collect like the Global Shipping Programme. It is a change of address for sellers, and they will “take care of it” once it arrives. Then there would be no question of whether sellers should opt-in or not: if the buyer wants to change their delivery address, what business is it of mine?


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