MPs vote against Brexit Deal for a second time

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MPs have rejected the Brexit Deal on the table, with the additional documents negotiated by the Prime Minister on Monday evening. The vote against the deal was by a margin of 149. 242 MPs voted for the deal with 391 voting against, although that did reduce the margin from the last defeat of 230 votes.

Tomorrow MPs will vote on rejecting a No Deal Brexit, followed be on Thursday with another vote on delaying Article 50 for a period of time. Both of these options have one major problem and that is the EU needs to agree to both options. Unless something changes, the UK is still on course to leave the EU on the 29th of March and nothing has yet changed there.

Voting against a No Deal Brexit is meaningless as what it would need is either the extension to Article 50 to be voted on or cancelling Brexit all together. Even if MPs manage to agree to delay Brexit, we are still in unknown territory as the EU will want to know what the delay is supposed to achieve.

The problem is that whilst slightly more than half of the UK population voted to leave the EU, somewhere around 500 of the counties 650 MPs would like to remain in the UK. Rather than knuckling down and figuring out how to leave the EU gracefully, MPs appear to be hell bent on doing whatever they can do to remain in the EU or at least frustrate the process while they argue for various concessions and often concessions which oppose other MPs opinions.

Now just about everything is being clamoured for by MPs from sending the country to the polls to vote on multiple (and as yet undefined) Brexit Deal and no Brexit options, to sending the country to the polls for a general election.

Generally, although there are many exceptions on both sides, the population as a whole is fed up of the whole thing and just want Brexit done and dusted.

Businesses too want some certainty. Most businesses want a Brexit deal and some certainty but there are many who would prefer a No Deal Bexit and certainty of what’s happening rather than have things drag on for another couple of months or even worse another couple of years.

Of course there is one other option – cancelling Brexit all together, but although MPs might like to vote on that would the country let them get away with it? Regardless of what happens next, voters impression of MPs has changed forever and quite what the next General Election will bring is anyone’s guess.

Regardless of which way you voted in the Brexit referendum – what would your preferred course of action for MPs to be now? Do you want the deal on the table to be passed? Do you want Brexit done and dusted with the UK leaving the EU on March the 29th? Or do you thing that delaying Brexit for an extended or indefinite period of time, with all the uncertainty that brings, it is a price worth paying?

6 Responses

  1. “whilst slightly more than half of the UK population voted to leave the EU”

    Actually about 1/3 of the UK population voted to leave, ~1/3 voted stay, the other 1/3 couldn’t be bothered.

  2. The craziest thing in all of this is if you go right back to the start.

    David Cameron ran for election promising a Referendum. He won and he duly put the wheels in motion.
    That decision was approved by parliament. It could not just be done because 1 man thought it was a good idea.

    So they all went with it. Because they thought it would not happen!!!!

    Well guess what they were wrong and it did. So now they need to just get on with it.

    If we leave with no deal it will be a while of pain but eventually as always the country will come through.
    We have always survived everything thrown at us.
    You have Nicola Sturgeon today calling for a second referendum (well that’s no surprise, she tried to break up the country and failed and will not accept that referendum either.
    You have people now 18 saying they could not vote when it was run so they want another.
    Well that’s all well and good but people who have kids of 5 and 6 say they want a vote. A pregnant woman wants her embryo to vote and my late grandmother (rest her soul) hated Europe and she wanted a vote.
    Where does it end

    If Brexit does not happen Politics is finished as a democracy in the UK.
    Corbyn said the British people have spoken and we will leave the Eu and will not remain in a customs union and guess what that’s all now changed. Well no change there then.

    If we stop the uncertainty and get out at least we know where we are.
    Labour will vote down every deal even if its gold plated as they want an extension until they can win or try to win an election and then sorry UK we are staying in

    But every person that voted out should stand and scream from the rooftops for a rerun of every political vote they don’t like the outcome of.

    MPs need to vote how the people did and not how they want to.

  3. As much as I disliked the result it is what is was, (ever how underhanded it was won). We do have to leave the EU on the 29th.
    Trying to overturn a democratic vote is a slippery road. The whole reason we have this right wing tory Government dealing with this right now is because a Nationalist in Scotland tried to ignore the 2014 Indy result and end result many turned the Tories in Scotland, otherwise Jezza and his lunatic sidekick would be in charge of this mess.
    Not leaving will give rise the extreme right under the likes of Mogg, which will just lead to greater inequality, more greed is good, more favours for the 1% and the Corporates of this world (the whole reason we have such problems in the world in the 1st place)…plus the UK will break up.

    Once we leave the best we can do is hold of the far right extremes and Far Left Lunatics and various Nationalist factions that only ever cause more division and problems and hopefully over time build a better country…
    The UK has major problems right now with inequality, poor working conditions for millions, and a country that works for a select few at the top. DEAL with that you can deal with anything else. Problem is that is going to take someone we do not have right now in Politics to deal with the real issues….

  4. “Once we leave the best we can do is hold of the far right extremes and Far Left Lunatics and various Nationalist factions”. You are describing the majority of UK Parliament. They are not going anywhere until voted out. VOTE UKIP.

  5. It was an advisory Referendum (not legally binding) that has been proven to have been interfered with from outside sources. There shouldn’t be a chance in hell that we leave on the 29th of March. (and we won’t, the MPs are not that stupid).


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