Packlink to replace eBay delivery powered by Shutl

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Following a detailed review of priorities and business structure, eBay has appointed a new service provider, Packlink, to provide reselling shipping labels services for eBay delivery.

From the 25th of July Packlink, an established eBay service provider to eBay’s French, Italian and Spanish sites, will take over the reselling label services and operations from Shutl. The transition to the new service provider will have minimal impact on both business and consumer sellers as Packlink will offer substantially the same delivery services – next day, standard, collection and drop off – currently offered by Shutl, with the exception of Collect+. Critically, there will be no change to rates or service standards.

Packlink payments

As part of this change, eBay delivery will also introduce new payment options including the ability to pay with credit and debit cards. In addition to the new payment methods, sellers will also have the added convenience of being able to pay on print or pay as they go, as well as the existing option to pay via an invoice.

Migration from Shutl to Packlink

In terms of visible change, where users currently see: “eBay delivery – Shutl 2-3 days”, after 25 July, they will see: “eBay delivery – Packlink 2-3 days” instead. For items that are listed with automatic relist function, this delivery service change will happen automatically after this date.

Starting from the 25th of July, Sellers will gradually be migrated over the course of a few weeks to the new service provider, and on first use will be asked to accept a new set of terms and conditions and to sign up to a new billing agreement with Packlink, the new service provider. Sellers who do not wish their listings to be relisted automatically with services provided by Packlink have the option to update their listings accordingly.


Shutl, founded in 2008, started out as a rapid delivery service with operations opened in London in 2010. They were acquired by eBay in 2013 and have operated eBay delivery powered by Shutl since 2016. It’s not certain what will happen to the Shutl brand, but it makes sense for eBay to consolidate label printing services across the EU with a single provider.

Users who purchase labels from Shutl before the 25th of July can continue to contact Shutl Customer Service for support.

21 Responses

  1. Ebay ‘IGNORE’ that BUYERs pay for delivery, continuing to undermine Royal Mail Services by offering inducements to sellers to use ‘other’ carriers without reference to BUYERS.

    I CHOOSE sellers who use Royal Mail, and AVOID purchasing from Sellers where clarity of carrier usage is absent, and urge others to do likewise.

  2. Ebay Shutl is by far the worse service I have ever used, very poor correspondence, lost packages, collections days late, towards the end of dealing with them you could not even contact them by phone and eBay would never help. If Ebay continue to use the same courier company Hermes through packlink the same problems will happen again fast. Just take a look at the reviews for both services ( Hermes and Shutl) avoid using if you can

  3. I shipped 50 packages in 4 days with Hermes and 3 of them were lost. IIn trying to resolve these lost parcels I got passed back and forth between eBay and Hermes for nearly 2 weeks and it took a further 5 weeks to get my compensation.

    I changed to Royal Mail and not one single parcel has been lost on over 200 shipments….. enough said.

  4. I find Shutl’s pricing pretty good, and they have never lost a parcel……but the contracted courier ie Hermes has. The good news (if it can be called that) is when Hermes loose it, it is gone forever so you can get compensated.

    But there are lots of others, UPS, Fed Ex, DX etc. They can drop Collect +

    I have been asking Shutl to do International for ages, i usually resort to Interparcel, but if Packlink are already established across Europe may be the UK can get access to group rates on eBay items sold to those at least in Europe.

    And if we do have access to those group eBay Packlink rates it may help keep prices down for buyers / sellers when our “feckless MP’s” crash us out of the EU and Royal Mail / Courier prices rise sharply until they agree how to do things.

  5. I learned not to post via Shutl, anything that might break. I pack well, but with Shutl (via MyHermes) they broke Four, but only compensated for three. I have been with eBay and posted via Royal Mail, since 2005 and NOT one breakage with them. Even MyHermes collection man admitted parcels do not get treated very well with his company and he is not surprised things get broken.
    Can anyone tell me if new company will have a collection service? I am 75 and need some large items collected for delivery. If they don’t can anyone recommend who does. I will have to seek costs and alter my listings. I have nearly 700 items listed and this may take some time.
    Thank you in advance for help!

  6. Who owns Packlink? I believe Ebay owns Shutl, so I’m wondering why they would ditch their own company for something else. I’ve never really had any problems with Shutl, they are after all just a delivery reseller/broker like parcel2go, parcelmonkey etc but with better integration into ebay, they don’t do the actual delivery themselves but provide a system/service.

  7. Terrible prices anyway, you’d think eBay would be able to negotiate large discounts with the service provider saying they have such a large customer base. Their prices are expensive compared to other parcel comparison sites for the same service. Or maybe eBay are just profiting even more from shipping, on top of their 10% fees. I really think that when the postage is purchased through eBay the 10% fee on that amount should be refunded.

  8. Will postage labels still only be charged once used? And not charged if not used? Or if you choose pay as you go method will it take payment straight away? (I use ups via shutl as I live near the hub)

  9. So my initial thought is “change of name but not of service?” That this is a cynical way for eBay to divert attention as the Shutl brand has become so tainted? After all, eBay own Shutl so this is at least a metaphorical shooting in the foot. I have stopped using Shutl due to damage to valuable items being damaged and getting compensation is like trying to get blood out of a stone. I have no intention of using the Packlink service as it’s likely to be just as bad and I cannot afford the risk!

  10. Will postage labels still only be charged once used? And not charged if not used? Or if you choose pay as you go method will it take payment straight away? also do the locations off the drop off pints change

  11. My Hermes are without doubt the worst most unreliable uncontactable faceless company i have ever used, we ship 200 per week and have been doing so for over 10 years MyHermes has always been the winners in the worst courier contest. I would avoid at all costs if possible,

  12. the big problem with my hermes is the final delivery
    our local my hermes is delivered by a very unkempt and unprofessional chap who looks as if hes been sleeping rough
    mr and mrs posh are going to be somewhat perturbed when they see this guy on their doorstep


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