Government to assign EORI numbers to VAT registered businesses

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If you are a VAT registered business then you will be getting assigned an EORI number within the next few weeks… if you don’t already have one. It’s part of the Goverement’s plans to step up planning for a no-deal Brexit.

Our new Chancellor, Sajid Javid has said that around 88,000 VAT registered businesses will automatically be assigned an EORI number although if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of small businesses trading below the VAT threshold you’ll need to apply for one yourself.

An EORI number is a European Union Registration and Identification number and is used in the process of customs entry declarations and customs clearance for both import and export shipments travelling to or from the EU and countries outside the EU. Without an EORI your shipments (both into and out of the EU) could face delays and you could incur additional costs – HMRC warn that delays could incur storage costs while your shipments are processed.

Check if you have a valid EORI Number

If you are VAT registered, you can easily check if you have a valid EORI on the Europa website here.

You can of course also check any trading partner’s EORI number.

Generally for VAT registered UK companies your EORI Number will be GB followed by your VAT number with three zeros on the end e.g. GBXXXXXXXXX000. (replace the X’s with your VAT number).

Applying for an EORI number

To apply, depending what type of business entity you are, you may need your:

  • VAT number and effective date of registration – these are on your VAT registration certificate
  • National Insurance number – if you’re an individual or a sole trader
  • 10-digit Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) – find your UTR if you do not know it
  • Business start date and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code – these are in the Companies House register

You will also need your Government Gateway user ID and password. When you have your documents, you can apply for your EORI number here.

If you are not VAT registered and have sales to the EU or import stock from the EU then we we strongly advise that you apply for an EORI number in order to continue to trade after Brexit.

8 Responses

  1. 88,000 VAT registered businesses. Is that it in the UK ? only 88K vat registered businesses?

  2. Ifellow, I think i saw on the news that 73,000 (around that) have alreayd registered. It is shocking that so many still haven’t done it. They have been telling people to do it for over 2 years.
    Typical head in the sand attitude. Then when it all blwos up in their faces and they can’t trade… it will be someone elses fault. How do these people every succeed in business?

  3. Hooray.

    All those non tax paying sellers that sell items overseas will suddenly have to put their head up above the parapet. and say “(Hey look Mr tax man i am here and running a business) would you like me to pay my fair dues of tax and maybe even VAT.”

    it will also highlight the stay at home mums or dads claiming working tax credits and making a living on the platforms.

  4. Hi ian your sums dont add up.

    if you are not Vat registered you make more.
    we purchase an item for £10 plus £2 vat and claim £2 back sell it for £24 and then pay the VAT of £4.80 leaving us £19.20
    so a profit of £9.80.

    you would pay £12 for the item and sell for £24 making a profit of £12.
    so you make £12 and we make £9,40 so what would you rather have.
    If paying VAT was so good everyone would register for VAT as you can elect to be vt registered regardless of turnover but they dont.


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