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With Parliament due to reconvene on Tuesday this week, it’s likely to be a busy week with politicians attempting to bring in legislation to block a no deal Brexit and at the same time both politicians and interested parties putting pressure on the government not to prorogue parliament as the country prepares to Get ready for Brexit.

In the mean time, an information campaign urging the public to ‘Get ready for Brexit’ has been launched by the government with a new website that went live on Sunday. The information campaign is rumoured to have a budget of £100 million which is a massive amount of cash to spend – it’s more than many of the largest businesses in the country spend in a whole year!

The Get Ready for Brexit website is markedly better than previous efforts and actually offers real practical advice to small businesses. The government have at last realised that small businesses have been incapable of preparing for Brexit (with or without a deal) due to the total lack of guidance and, under the new regime, where currently Prime Minister BoJo appears determined a) to leave and b) keep no deal as an option, are taking action.

When you go to the site you’ll be faced with a series of questions. Our advice to keep things simple is to ignore your personal holiday arrangements and only say yes to the questions which impact your business, which for the majority of online sellers will be to say “Yes” to selling in the UK and exporting to the EU. This will give you an instant checklist of what you need to do to be prepared.

You can start the ‘Get ready for Brexit’ check here.

25 Responses

  1. Put a GB sticker on the back of your vehicle if it’s registered in the UK ” you cannot be serious BoJo…
    It is a rather long list and a bureaucratic shambles and they do not think leaving the Eu is going to be an issue, the lunatics are really running the asylum these days.

  2. @Tyler – Maybe you could provide some sage-line input into how you got yourself (and your business?) ready for Brexit three years ago, when no one knew what was going to happen, except it seems you. You really should be in a more senior position, maybe as part of the Brexit planning committee for the government.

  3. it really is simple
    the remainers [ I once was one]
    are doing their best to discredit and ignore the result of the referendum
    fudging and flip flopping to remain in the EU

  4. @Jim – Sadly it is not simple, which is why we are here three years later. If you wanted to crash out with all the implications then that is what should have been on offer. Last week you offered some poor excuses for why you are for leaving. Are you sure you voted to remain?

  5. most of here experience the Amazon , Ebay ,Paypal inflexibility
    parliament is in effect enabling the EU to take a similar stance

  6. at the time of the referendum I voted remain
    for pragmatic and selfish reasons, remain would still have been my choice
    if it were not for Parliament ,Theresa May and the establishment doing their best to ignore the result of the Referendum

  7. same reasons, with added reasons this week , its called free choice
    I double want to LEAVE WITH BELLS ON


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