UK Magento project marketplace connects clients with developers

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When we think of marketplaces, we normally think of product sales, but Developer Connection has launched as a Magento project marketplace whose goal is to provide an effective way for Magento store owners to connect with quality UK developer talent.

The people behind Developer Connection are established Magento developers, Hussey Coding. They realised that many of the existing methods for connecting Magento clients and developers in the UK have major down sides which massively impact every user. Most people have just come to accept these down sides as the norm and learnt to work with them, but Hussey Coding wanted to change what has become the norm, and solve the issues found when using other services aren’t great for either clients or developers and decided to create a new marketplace to simplify the process.

Developer Connection gives effective, instant access to Magento clients and developers in the UK. The Magento project marketplace intelligent matching logic is used you can be confident that every matched developer or team has the needed skills and experience. This streamlines the process of finding the right developers, or connecting with the right clients saving both time and money.

Main Developer Connection features

  • Low service cost. It doesn’t take any cut of work done so no hiked developer rates means clients pay less and developers earn more.
  • It provides in depth project specs and developer profiles for better, quicker decision making.
  • It automatically, and instantly matches developers to clients by looking at project specs and developer skills and experience.
  • Developer availability is automatically managed so there’s no second guessing on whether they have the hours to work.
  • Creating and hiring development teams is quick and easy so you can find developers from a solo freelancer right up to full development agency teams.

You can post a Developer Connection project for £50 (currently £25) with cost differing for more matches and working with teams. A developer subscription is £20 (currently £10) monthly with an initial setup fee of £30 (currently £0).

3 Responses

  1. Interesting, we saw this website a few weeks ago! Looks like a good idea! We have worked on and assembled M1 websites and M2. Whilst most devs we have worked with have been excellent, there has been one or two which have let us down and as a customer looking for a talented coder you often do not know how good (or not good) they are until you are somewhat committed. Having a transparent platform to help choose makes sense. The pricing looks affordable for a freelancer. Furthermore it gives UK talent a chance to connect and compete with non UK competitors.

  2. It is pretty hard to find a good developer. We get a whole spectrum of prices for work and you just do not know what you are going to get for your money, will you be left in the lurch if something goes wrong, and we do try and do a fair bit ourselves and often I break things.
    We put together a opencart site a few years ago, and all in all we got good value for money and the developer has always been on hand.
    We are however looking to put everything over to Woocommerce and you just do not know where to start.

  3. Been an eye opener for sure since we decided to get an M2 ‘site built.
    Got lulled into a deal which seemed great at first then went very very very sour as it came towards launch.
    I won’t mention which Leeds based company it was that initially built our site.
    We had our fingers badly burned and then took our time to find a new dev’ to basically rebuild the site and things are much better now, but you really cannot put a price on choosing a bad developer.
    That said, dev’s are suppliers like any other company and as such, we will be looking at this periodically to ensure we’re getting the best value for our business.
    if you want to see how it now look 🙂


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