Consumers are about to get hot and sweaty with eBay pre-Valentine’s Day deal

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It’s almost that time of the year where consumers prepare for some lovin’ and eBay are on the case with a pre-Valentine’s Day sale – including 14% off all Ann Summers products. This spice of a deal is now valid when you spend £20 until Feb 6th. Consumers will be on the prowl this pre-Valentine’s for sexual wellness goods.

Sex is a taboo subject but we’re in 2020 so get over it. On that note, i’m sure you wont mind me mentioning that you bought a lot more sex toys last year. Don’t panic, not you personally but consumers as a whole have bought 81% more sex toys in 2019, than in 2017. So what i’m trying to say is, sex toys are good for business.

$39 billion industry by 2024

Last year it was reported that the sexual wellness industry is expected to reach $39 billion by 2024. As the industry evolves to cater to more people with a huge range of advances in product’s and technology the demand increases globally and many more business opportunities arise. The report shows how the availability of multiple sexual health products and increased marketing and visibility of these products online propel the sale and revenues in the market, it should also be noted that vendors who offer a wide range of innovative products are more likely to attract consumers in the global sexual wellness market.

Key players in the sexual health market are focused on launching products that are aesthetically appealing, affordable, and pleasurable. Due to the growth of e-commerce, consumers are ready to spend a bit more time and money when buying value-added offerings at the benefit of their leisure, pleasure and comfort. If we look at the sale of luxury condoms for example, the amount of different assortments available on the market is huge and as the premium increases, the product becomes a successful revenue generator for many companies.

2 Responses

  1. These 10% 14 % 20% are pretty much the same lot all the time. Plus if you actually compare the products on and off eBay often from the same vendor ( which I always do) it is STILL more expensive to BUY with the discount code than go direct, high FEE marketplaces are not that competitive anymore.
    Anyway I will be buying my Valentines on Moonpig as normal, I did checkout one of the merchants we sometimes have to go up against and they are starting to to sell some rubber sex device they have done over 300 of them, Sex Sells (even that type)…making up for the general decline and terrible margins on eBay in our normal sector.


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