eBay Spring 2020 Seller Release: eBay UK to Start Managing Payments

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As announced earlier today, in 2020, eBay will start managing payments on eBay UK. The majority of UK business sellers will be expected to enable their account for managed payments by the end of this year with more details about this process and the next steps for sellers coming over the next couple of months.

What will it mean for eBay to manage payments?

With eBay managing payments, the payments experience will be managed end-to-end on our platform. It will allow you to sell and get paid in one place, with payments going directly into your bank account, and will provide more payment options to buyers.

The transition to this new way of doing business on eBay has already started in other countries around the world, including the United States and Germany. As of January 2020, eBay has enabled over $2 billion of GMV and almost 25,000 sellers for managed payments. More markets will be rolled out globally later this year, and the majority of sellers in all markets will have their payments managed by eBay by 2021.

eBay Managing Payments benefits

eBay say that Managed Payments will simplify the buying and selling experience on eBay. You’ll be able to manage your payments information and operations all in one place, and your buyers will have more ways to pay when they purchase your items. Benefits include:

  • One place for everything

    You’ll have one place to access all reports and to manage disputes and refunds. You’ll have a single company to contact for customer support and fees. Plus you’ll get payouts directly deposited into your bank account as well as payout scheduling options.

  • More ways for buyers to pay

    eBay plan to provide buyers with a larger selection of payment options, such as credit card, debit card, Google Pay, and PayPal. They will also be offering Apple Pay as a payment option on iPhone and iPad. This will all be done through eBay without you needing separate accounts to accept these payment methods.

  • Simplified seller protections provided by a single company

“When eBay told me about managed payments, I wanted to do it right away. My customers can pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit card, credit card, [and] PayPal. Any way they want to pay, they can pay.”
– Shari Smith, US seller 7daysale4u

eBay expect the majority of business sellers in the UK to enable their account by the end of the year and aim to make this transition as smooth as possible and make sure your business continues to thrive on eBay.

More details will be announced over the next couple of months, but in the meantime you can express your interest to be one of the first ones to be enabled for managed payments by filling out a survey here.

10 Responses

  1. I will be leaving eBay when they introduce this. Too many cons…Another example of eBay manipulating the little sellers. All that will be left on eBay is the big box sellers and the Chinese. They say that they will not be accepting PayPal as an option for payment when virtually EVERY Ebay seller has PayPal as it’s preferred payment option (Don’t forget, eBay Forced everyone to sign up for PayPal before the divorce)…How are buyers going to feel about NOT being able to pay through PayPal? AND how is going to affect sellers who are not going to be able to sell their goods?
    There are no options for exchanges or replacements…. only refunds.
    There is no eBay for charity.
    There is NO third-party integration as there is no open API.
    You can only be able to sell internationally if you are a U.S. Seller, the buyer buys from eBay.com, not one of the other eBay sites .uk.it.fr.de etc. You can not promote listings internationally. (So if you have many international sales, your sales are going to dive)
    Sellers must send the goods to buyers themselves as there is NO Global Shipping Program.
    There appears to have been problems with eBay paying sellers with some waiting over 7 days for the money to reach the bank accounts when eBay state that the payment will be immediate.

    In my opinion, DO NOT sign up to the invite from eBay as once you’re signed in to this mess….. they have stated that you can’t go back!

  2. Looks like I`m now gonna have to stump up 35p to my bank for every purchase made if Ebay insists on paying directly into the bank account. More fees? Who would have thought it?

  3. Ahh scheduling – missed that! Thanks for the heads-up Gav.
    To be honest as things stand the way my bank charges really suits the way I run things but with lots of payments incoming it wouldn`t be viable.

  4. Can somebody please explain to me why there’s such an uproar about this?

    Is it going to be similar to how amazon collect payments?
    Will we still have a ebay bill at the end of the month or will that be deducted from each transaction?

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Replying to David Bryson’s comment:

    Where does it say you won’t be able to sell to buyers outside the UK? Don’t plenty of buyers search ebay.co.uk? Around half my sales are to buyers outside UK and I only list on .co.uk

  6. I suppose from a reasoned point of view we would hope that it does not impact buyers too much. Abandoned checkout and people walking away would be a nightmare, the platform is underperforming for us with drastic drops in impressions and sales over the last 6 months as it is. From a vendors point of view there are plenty of questions to ask, but as ever lots of bluster from eBay but very little detail.

  7. At some point in future, ebay will combine the FVF and payment processing fee, because that’s what Amazon does and then there’ll be no more argument over what paypal used to charge. If you look at seller costs under performance in the seller hub, they’re already lumping paypal in, adding it to ebay fees, so their thinking is already evident. And it’ll actually make it easier for sellers to work out how much to charge.

    As for “we won’t be able to use GSP anymore!” yes, we will. At the moment, the way it is set up, with the restrictions in place as they gradually leave Paypal as the main provider, that is why early adopters of the ebay managed payment haven’t been able to use GSP. But once they can roll out managed payments to everyone and we’re all paying the same way, that’ll change. Otherwise, they’d have a GSP no one could use! GSP is good business for ebay. Surely you don’t really think they’re just going to scrap it, because they can’t be bothered changing the system from paying through Paypal, to through Adyen?


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