eBay UK Spring 2020 Seller Release

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The eBay UK Spring 2020 Seller Release is out today and with the news announced overnight that eBay Payments is coming to the UK it’s no surprise that the Seller Release addresses the migration from PayPal. Payments will start to roll out this summer for business sellers and it’s expected most will be onboarded by the end of 2020.

There are some useful new tools announced in the eBay seller release – none of these will make or break your business but they will help streamline it and make some tasks simpler, easier and quicker to perform. There’s a neat mobile app upgrade to remove the background from product shots and replace with a white background, enhancements to the fantastic Send Offers to Buyers feature and upgrades to Terapeak in eBay Seller Hub.

Naturally Item Specifics are covered in the eBay UK Spring 2020 Seller Release, but don’t worry no new mandates have been announced since the last tranche in January. However eBay want to make them easier to manage so there are a raft of tools changes to assist with this.

Multi-User Account Access is coming to the UK to enable multiple employees and contractors to be giving limited access to your eBay account to perform various tasks to assist you in running your business.

To speed up returns, sellers will need to respond to returns requests in a shorter time frame then they’ve been accustomed to – 3 working days which still seems quite generous.

Finally, for motors sellers there are some listing fee increases to take note of.

Doubtless most of the questions you’ll have today will be around eBay Payments and they will stack up against PayPal. However there’s a fair amount to like in today’s eBay UK Spring 2020 Seller Release so set aside some time to read through to check which of the new tools announced are useful for your business.

7 Responses

  1. I’m very happy with the changes, such as with the mobile app upgrade and also a lot ot the current Terapeak features being integrated into the Seller Hub.
    Regarding Ebay Managed Payments, does this only apply to business sellers or private sellers as well.

  2. Mobile app improvement for adding images .. are people adding listings manually through the mobile app ?! Jesus, sounds like waste of life to me.
    We add 500-1000 new listings per month (it stops soon though) and it’s a time consuming nightmare even with our custom software that utilizes their API to speed things up.

  3. Nothing majorly bad in it for once…. however as is typical of a major ebay release… The managed payments is still missing the only real thing that sellers want to know, and have done for the last year. FEES!
    They have the cheek to offer the chance to sign up early, without knowing anything about the fees. Who does that? If they are going to cost me more, then i will resist until i am forced. To do otherwise would be bad business.

    Have to say the the respond to return requests is still quite long at 3 days. I would say 2 at the most. Having said that i think that buyers should be made to respond to sellers when they engage them. Far too many just go silent and know that they will win any case by doing so.

    As for listing via the app…. Seriously? It is dreadful. They can’t even get it so that you can revise quantities on multi variation listings! Oh and why don’t replies to feedback left get dispayed? It is the only way sellers can reply to unfair feedback so that others can see both sides.

  4. If Ebay are paying direct to our Business Bank account , is that every transaction individually ,or consolidated on a daily basis ? My bank charges are based ,in part , on the number of transactions, so adding up to 50 a day is going to impact on that and may actually involve more work reconciling..

  5. managed payments, i will avoid until the last drop of blood leaves my packing order fingers.

    surely this an opportunity for ebay make money for themselves and for the seller?

    sorry just bumped my head, dizzy? ebay like gets more crazy each year…now where`s this onbuy`s website….time to start all over again….buy, i mean bye bye ebay!


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