eBay Deferral Program now open – Defer payment of this month’s fees

eBay Deferral Program now open - Defer payment of this month's fees

eBay have announced that the eBay Deferral Program, to delay paying your eBay fees, is now up and running and business sellers can now apply if it will assist you. eBay have now done two things to assist sellers directly so far, effectively telling you:

  • Don’t pay us any fees this month
  • We won’t hurt your business if you can’t pay us today, and we also won’t let buyers hurt your business by protecting your seller status

This is just the opening salvo from eBay and we’re pretty sure the situation globally is going to radically change in the future, currently eBay are making sure that your business is protected for the beginning of the onslaught. Yes, fees will need to be paid down the line as things stand… but no one in the country is worried about what will happen when things are reviewed in a month’s time and many things could change between now and then. People are more concerned about today, staying healthy and putting food on the table and so eBay have started where they can help the most in the very short term.

eBay Deferral Program cash flow assistance

Many businesses are struggling for cash flow at the moment and have additional expenses unforeseen just a couple of weeks ago. The government have put a raft of plans in place including rate relief for some small businesses and 80% pay for furloughed employees (backdated to the 1st of March), delayed VAT and income tax payments, grants of up to £25,000, and access to loans which the Government will pay the interest on for the first 12 months.

It will take time for this government relief to start flowing and that’s why in the mean time eBay want to also help with the eBay Deferral Program – it can free up cash to pay bills such as perhaps staff wages until such a time that you receive funds through the various government programs. We’re also still waiting to see what type of government assistance may be forthcoming for self employed people and for these people who’s income has collapsed a delay to paying their eBay invoice could be vital, and for other’s eBay might be a life line and it’s their day job which has vanished and who are also cash poor.

If this relief from the eBay Deferral Program won’t help you it’s entirely optional and you don’t have to take up their offer. Simply pay your fees as normal. Frankly however, at this point in history, most people will appreciate keeping as much cash on hand as possible for emergencies and, unless you have savings, delaying your payment could literally be a life-saver.

Other assistance from eBay

eBay have already put other measures in place such as mobilising customer service to work from home, freezing seller standards so that the status you have earned will not be impacted and acting on price gouging including starting to block consumers from selling certain types of products that a consumer normally wouldn’t be listing. Doubtless there will be more assistance to come from eBay, but it’s an extremely fluid situation and they’re targeting help one step at a time in the areas where sellers are telling them the assistance will be most effective.

eBay Deferral Program detail

Brief details are that if you want to take advantage of the eBay Deferral Program it means you won’t pay your next eBay invoice and it will become due with 50% added to your May invoice and 50% in June. The scheme is open to sellers to apply for an eBay Deferral Program until the 10th of April so if you don’t apply until after you’ve paid your April invoice it will apply to the following month with fees again split 50:50 and added to future invoices. If your invoice is mid-month the dates will apply from your invoice date.

eBay aim to approve as many sellers as possible but you must have been a registered business seller for more than 30 days and your account is in good standing with eBay.

The fees that will be covered in the eBay Deferral Program include final value fees, insertion fees, store/shop subscription fees, optional listing upgrade fees, and promoted listings fees. If you have other fees due then you will still need to pay them on your normal invoice date.

eBay have been working around the clock to introduce the eBay Deferral Program in multiple territories and it’s ready now for you to apply to defer your fees if it would assist you. Due to the speed this program has been implemented, you will need to go back to the eBay Deferral Program page to see if your application has been approved – there simply hasn’t been time to put notifications in place as that would have delayed roll out. You should expect a decision within 72 hours of applying.

Apply by the 10th of April

You can apply here.
Full terms and conditions are available here.

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I love the working round the clock to do absolutely nothing but charge you double bubble next month. They are not helping at all. Maybe when this all ends we can have a more humane eBay run by a better type of people. We should hope that of many of business out their that puts the pursuit of profits at any cost above people and some out their still costing life's right now by forcing people into dangerous work environments, cause am guaranteeing plenty will not even have basic safety measures in place for staff. We need less people your Mike Ashley for example in the new world we will all be facing soon.

SAM • 25th March 2020 •

I beg to differ Sam , and can I say that your post is rather cynical. As well as the above many of my clients received a phone call this morning from ebay explaining the metrics and the protection in place. Its the same old story on Tamebay ..... ebay can't seem to do anything right. ebay are a business too and are inevitably going to suffer. Thank you ebay for extended assistance and protection to your sellers during this difficult time.

Alan Paterson • 25th March 2020 •

Alan, I am sure they will do ok with the few billion they have just banked from the sale of Stubhub. Other businesses I deal with or apps I am on are offering small businesses the opportunity to apply for grants. May only be limited in number but are offering something to help. Not saying ebay are not trying to help but reduce store fees by half would be a big gesture and please a lot of businesses at a time when many have shut down and receiving little to no sales.

Rob • 25th March 2020 •

Sorry Alan, forgot to call you sir ;)

Rob • 25th March 2020 •

@ Rob, don't worry. Its only Jim that should address me as "sir". (trying to teach him some manners).

Alan Paterson • 25th March 2020 •

please sir can I have some more

jim • 25th March 2020 •

What a joke of a company. Are they suggesting everything will be back to normal in 60 days?

Trumpton • 25th March 2020 •

No one including eBay are suggesting things will be back to normal in 60 days. What they are doing is not worrying about what will happen in two months time and concentrating on today. They've not said they won't do more, they've said we'll defer about £800 million in fees, no questions asked, immediately as we know that eases cash flow for sellers. Which part of "Don't worry about paying us at the moment and we'll make sure your account seller status doesn't drop due to a global crisis to give you some breathing space" do you not understand?

Chris Dawson • 25th March 2020 •

800million in fees will only be deferred if everyone asks for deferred payment We will pay ours Then if ebay fails to sell in the future were not tied in

Jim • 25th March 2020 •

@ Trumpton. Did you get dropped on your head as a child? When did ebay suggest anything of the sort? You need to work on your interpretational skills. I have a book here from Dr Seuss. I will list it on my ebay shop for you to buy, BUT I wont be able to send it right away (looks like I have the virus). Do you like Green Eggs and Ham? Oh, and read what Chris Dawson says. He is a nice man and a bit more polite and professional than me. In my defence I feel like shit.

Alan Paterson • 25th March 2020 •

@ Jim. My apologies. Im not feeling well and I have just re-read your post. This virus is effecting my judgement and temperament. You ARE being supportive of ebay and I didn't read your post correctly. Shame on me. Sorry. You are awesome. I am updating my Will tonight. If I knew who you were - you would be on it. Do you like cats?

Alan Paterson • 25th March 2020 •

A most welcome gesture by ebay. @ Jim - you have already had enough! But I do like you calling me "sir". Can you address me as "sir" in all future posts?

Alan Paterson • 25th March 2020 •

Sir Alan Ebay are giving us nothing other than time to pay We often employ the same tactics with Our customers who have hit hard times Its better to get some money late rather than none at all

Jim • 25th March 2020 •

@ Awesome Jim. I thought you would be more supportive of ebay given all the material possessions they have allowed you to accumulate over the years (the houses cars etc).

Alan Paterson • 25th March 2020 •

We just have different opinions. Wish you better mate.

Trumpton • 26th March 2020 •

@Alan Sometimes your posts I have seen over the years are helpful and can offer some useful insights, some am sure you know are downright rude, am surprised you have clients if you treat people the way you speak to some, am sure your very different live in person however. However I stand by my comment and everyone knows this is a fake gesture much like the banks are offering people with there so called mortgage breaks if people read the small print. eBay is not the issue it is the type of people running it, and they have been running into the ground for a while now. Every business has its own issues and needs I genuinely cannot trade right now , and I think the vast majority off us just want a price break on the stores while we are not trading, allowing us to put stores in vacation mode with listings hidden and then allowing us to easily kick start again would be genuine help. Anyway sometimes there are more important things in life than what goes on the world of eBay.. good luck and stay safe.

SAM • 25th March 2020 •

@ sam ...... your final comment about "more important things in life" ....... i think i know that - I have the virus. the important thing is that ebay are at least trying to help. thats what this thread should be about. sounds like your blaming ebay for the situation. and this is the point i am making - sounds like many folk above are doing the same. This should be a positive post. the way that people are ranting on here its as if ebay are doing nothing. What are other platforms doing? I dont see any relief from Amazon. Another thread on here has sellers accusing ebay from profiting from Corona Virus! Just to get my posts in perspective if you think I am being rude. I hope you will forgive my posts tonight if they sounded a bit (as you put it) "rude". If you have read previous posts you will know I was on a ventilator last year with the most horrible bacteriological infection in my lungs. 1 in 5 chance i had of pulling through. I did but it has left extensive scaring on my lungs. This combined with my weight, diabetes and various other serious medical ailments mean that the prognosis is not good for me. So stop bitching SAM. You think you got problems. Its frustrating when folk like you come along bitching about the situation and then start lecturing that its not all about business and money before bitching about your business and money all over again. You think me rude? Certainly not as rude as many of the idiots who come on here trashing ebay no matter what , NO MATTER WHAT. ebay have made a generous gesture and are trying to help - its as if they have created the Corona virus. ebay owe you nothing. Statistically I will not be here in 2 weeks so your damn sure i am going to speak my mind when i come on here and see the usual trash comments about a platform that has provided me an income for years. You say "you genuinely cannot trade right now". well i cannot breath. Dont tell me to get things in perspective. You think me rude? my guess is that my totally high brow humour (do you know who Dr Seuss is?) is simply over your head. It seems a lot of people who post on here simply throw mud at what they dont comprehend or understand - too self absorbed with their own situation. I will have you to know that I am the funniest person in my ward right now. i tell people how it is. i speak to my "clients" the same way i speak here. when you dont charge for your advice i find you can be yourself and say pretty much what i want (as long as it is true and will help their business). Too many folk pussyfoot about and I always put my name to what i write. Some clients like it, some dont but they know it is sincere and true as i have no financial gain either way. ebay have just postponed a massive percentage of their income stream. You say that doesn't help you? They owe you nothing and if that doesn't assist your cash flow then i am baffled. You certainly cant say they are doing nothing! Thats absurd. I am genuinely sorry that is not enough for you and does not meet your expectations. If you were thinking that ebay were going to simply throw away their fees for the next few months may i suggest that your expectations were too high. That would be like us sending merchandise out for free. ebay have the same problems we have - they are a business just like us only on a bigger scale and that means bigger problems. But to end on a positive note i am glad you have found some of my posts useful. And i have NEVER been rude to anyone who has not been rude first. Look at Trumptons posts above - i mean doh! It even caused Chris to come in and comment.

Alan Paterson • 26th March 2020 •

This does not help at all!! Corona effect will last probably several months! Delaying what we owe and pay more than the usual bill following month does not help! in fact, it will make it worst for many businesses. Shame on eBay I pay no less than £50.000 per year, they could at least give %50 discount for 1 month!

Bulent Bas • 26th March 2020 •

Unless you are in business policies, you can't extend your handling times other than by cumbersome bulk editing of items. With my two anchor shops and 150,000 listings this will take me about a week to achieve. Tools on Ebay still not up to scratch.

andy • 26th March 2020 •

Sir Alan get well soon mate Our apologies if we upset you these are are not The times to Fall out over ebays virtues

Jim • 26th March 2020 •

Time will tell Who is right The court of public opinion will sit sometime In the future Ebay will face that judgment

Jim • 26th March 2020 •

Jim, Take the week off pal.

Kenny • 26th March 2020 •

Oner thing they should do it stop charging £10 a month for a near useless packaging voucher.

Huxley • 26th March 2020 •

Come on ebay Hows about donating Part of the fees to the NHS Actually Help your community rather than Use your vaunted community

Jim • 27th March 2020 •

We have applied... and been declined "eBay Fee Deferral Programme Current Status: Not Eligible Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, you don't meet the eligibility requirements for fee deferment. You are not meeting one or more of our minimum requirements for customer service quality." Which is a worry as we are a top-rated seller with a feature shop and have been top-rated for months... I'm hoping that its an error and will be resolved when I call them and that it isn't a "We are helping" PR stunt without actually helping anyone.

Stephen Wright • 28th March 2020 •

ebay uk approved me for fee defferal . Today they took the full invoice amount. load of bull.

shaun delaney • 31st March 2020 •

Well after being on live chat with ebay on Sunday and them stating that we qualified they just couldnt get it to apply to our account and they would look into it asap and be back to me... They took the full invoice payment today :( "01:24:21 UTC Melody got it. hold on because it its showing on my end that you need to meet these requirements which you did *Have been a registered business seller for more than 30 days *Your account is in good standing with eBay" Anyone else in the same boat at the moment?

Stephen Wright • 31st March 2020 •

Yeah, same thing. I was approved for the deferred paymants and the still charged the full amount. Wants the point. ebay's not helping anyone and you cant even call them.

Shane • 31st March 2020 •

Yes. When I contacted them they said it will apply for May and June invoice.

Sandra Munonye • 2nd April 2020 •

Yes. When I contacted them they said it will apply for May and June invoice. I was accepted on the 25th of march and the invoice was for the first so he said that the invoice had already been generated

Sandra Munonye • 2nd April 2020 •

You also need automated payment method on file otherwise you will be rejected. No mention of that in T&Cs.

Maciej • 31st March 2020 •

Definitely had that since they took the payment at 00:22 UK GMT via Paypal.

Stephen Wright • 31st March 2020 •