How to solve critical customer support issues, right now, for free with eDesk from xSellco

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This week, ecommerce software solution provider, xSellco, announced that it would be making its AI-powered helpdesk ‘eDesk’ free for 6 months. The hugely popular customer support platform is already used by over 1,000 online sellers worldwide and has won a number of top software awards since it was launched in 2018. New customers that avail of the initiative are under no obligation to stay with eDesk after the free period, and there are no credit card requirements.

But how can eDesk make a difference? We looked at some of the most critical customer support issues happening right now and examined how eDesk solves them.

Moving everything online

With many high street retailers forced to temporarily close their doors, many businesses are being forced to jump online. Those that aren’t online already are setting up web stores or adding their products to marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. Other hybrid companies, which have both offline and online presence, are adjusting to online-only. Operationally, this can be tough. eDesk brings all web stores, online marketplaces, email, and social media channels together on one single dashboard. This makes it far easier to manage, especially from a customer support perspective. There’s very little involved in setting up, so you and your team can get going pretty quick.

Surging customer support demands

How to solve critical customer support issues, right now, for free with eDesk from xSellco Maintaining SLAsThese are uncertain times. For factories and delivery companies, it’s business as usual, to a certain extent. However, social distancing protocols can mean slower turnaround times. Struggling retailers are having to respond to an increase in customer support demands relating to supply chain, fulfilment processes and delivery timings. Already eDesk has reported an increase in activity across its entire customer base. Average daily order volumes have increased by 32% in the last 7 days. Similarly, eDesk has reported a rise in ticket volumes, which is up by over 38% in the past week. Looking specifically at its UK client base, orders are up by 37% in the past week alone. These figures suggest that online businesses are set to experience a huge increase in activity due to the closure of high street stores.

eDesk’s AI-powered software makes it much easier for online retailers to deal with customer support issues quickly and effectively, often in the click of a button.

Remote working teams

With government calls for workers to stay at home, remote working has been flung into the spotlight. For retailers, this presents a further challenge. Not only are they trying to move their products online. But they are doing so while managing remote teams, often for the very first time. eDesk makes this transition much easier to manage. eDesk’s secure cloud-based solution is ideal for remote teams. Innovative features such as Collision Detection support this also. Collision Detection alerts remote colleagues when they are dealing with the same customer query. Workers can also assign tickets to one another remotely and tag-team difficult queries together.

Maintaining SLAs

For online retailers, maintaining fast response times is essential. Efficient customer response times, maintaining SLAs and receiving positive reviews all impact ‘sales ranking’. For online sellers, sales ranking directly impacts sales, revenue and the bottom line. Supporting faster response times and helping retailers maintain SLAs is one of eDesk’s primary reasons for being. eDesk’s intuitive AI-powered customer support features are exactly why the platform is relied upon by online sellers worldwide.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a number of challenges for businesses around the world. With this eDesk initiative, xSellco have handed online sellers a major support raft. For businesses trying to adjust to the online world, the chance to use a premium tool completely free, with no obligations or strings attached, is something worth grabbing.

The announcement will be seen as a major boost for retailers. Many businesses are scrambling to take their products online while also trying to overcome a number of difficult challenges that have emerged during the Covid-19 crisis. When launching the initiative, xSellco CEO Alex Payne said that if “we can help businesses get through the next few months, at least until the high street is back on track, we will have made a real difference to people’s livelihoods.

For full details – eDesk free for 6 months

3 Responses

  1. Have been with xsellco now for ages – we will be moving to another platform for our customer service, feedback and repricer as soon as we get set up elsewhere as feel this move is so unfair not supporting us loyal customers that have been supporting them this years. Very disappointed in how they have done this to their existing customers

  2. Agree with La, We’ve been customers for years too, they offered to give us one month free but feel disappointed to be honest as they should have provided the same 6 month to existing customers who have been with them for years. When we received the email from
    Tamebay saying they are giving 6 months free I thought we would qualify so I got in touch instead I was asked to justify where the decrease in our sales were – I very much doubt they are asking the same questions to their new customers! I told them our situation but was told to get back in touch next month. I understand they are a business like any other however the move to help new customers vs existing customers just doesn’t make sense.


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