eBay Individually brilliant Stronger as one campaign to highlight small businesses

eBay Individually brilliant

eBay mobilised rapidly at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic with support for their sellers ranging from protecting their seller standing to deferring fees and a raft of other measures. They’ve also put out an offer for struggling retailers who have never sold on eBay before to help them get started by waiving fees for several months. Now, they are running a marketing campaign with the tag line Individually brilliant Stronger as one to support the small businesses trading through the pandemic and to encourage buyers to the marketplace.

The Individually brilliant. Stronger as One. campaign will be running across the eBay site, print, radio, social and TV so you may have seen or heard an ad already. It’s also about real sellers – eBay approached 100s of sellers who were not only asked to feature in the campaign, but were also asked to help produce it – working together to bring the campaign to life.

Sellers were briefed on the content required, such as imagery and videos of them in their current business environment – whether that’s at home, in the kitchen or socially distancing in an office or warehouse.

eBay have seen the efforts EVERY SINGLE small business on eBay are going to right now, in order to continue serving their customers. They are doing great things, extra-ordinary things, unusual things.

On your own, eBay think you are brilliant. But when sellers stand together as one, on a platform like no other, your combined might delivers for the nation, to drive us forwards, when we all need it the most. Whether that’s by supplying DIY goods to keep spirits up in lockdown, stationary for kids schooling at home, or BBQ equipment for those first weekends of sun.

And because you and other businesses like you are all playing your part in these uncertain times, eBay are playing their part too; by doing all they can to support you, to be a platform you can depend on, from the raft of support measures to giving them you their media space throughout this campaign. eBay say that they do this with pride, and tip our hats to all those who are individually brilliant, stronger as one.

As well as the video and ads, eBay have created a campaign page and a Small Business Hub featuring the small businesses that come together to make eBay the marketplace it is today.


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Jim • 15th May 2020 •

Ebay cut the crap If you really care about us lower the fvf selling fees Even by just a percentage or two

Jim • 15th May 2020 •

Absolutely Jim. It’s clear from the way we have been treated over the years that eBay just view small businesses as a cash cow to keep milking. Nothing more, I know it’s business. But cut the cringeworthy patronising guff eBay, we all know the truth.

Jonah • 15th May 2020 •

I think that we need to remember that ebay are also a business and they need to look at THEIR profitability. I think ebay have been generous in all their steps to help sellers during the pandemic. They have also stepped up their TV advertising which helps all of us. Its a shame that expectations are so high from some sellers on here. I dont want to go through a list of all the help they have extended to small businesses - I have already listed this on other posts - but you have to admit that ebay have made a valiant effort to provide support and assistance. I think it is also something that should be looked at in relation to other marketplaces. ebay have been proactive and WAY ahead of the "competition". I love this new campaign they have just launched. Sadly in order for it to be effective - sellers need to get behind it. Too many sellers seem to be working against ebay now-a-days and almost wanting the platform to fail. In my opinion (which is off course the only opinion to go with) ebay have the right attitude - its the cynical sellers that cause the platform to under-perform or falter. If the platform ever does "fail" it will be because not enough sellers got behind ideas like this one and instead complained or "shot it down".

Alan Paterson • 15th May 2020 •

Ebay gives us nothing whatsoever other than the service we deserve as fee paying customers

Jim • 15th May 2020 •

@ Jim. you really are a bit of an idiot. you are inconstant with your views, your grammar is appalling, your ideas ridiculous (paint every postbox blue), you bang on about something you seem passionate about and then contradict it a few posts later. you like to contradict people while taken the morale high ground by bragging about things you know you should get support with - like your constant support the NHS posts. If I didn't know better I would think you were about 15 years old. thats how you write. Maybe you are. How can you say that ebay have given us nothing whatsoever. Were you not banging on last month how your ebay business had given you multiple cars and several houses? Or are you just a liar that likes to contadict people to make yourself feel important?

Tyrone P • 15th May 2020 •

"eBay are playing their part too; by DOING ALL THEY CAN TO SUPPORT YOU, to be a platform you can depend on, from the raft of support measures to giving them you their media space throughout this campaign." That's just a bit...effusive ? ~~~~~ eBay continue to (re)pursue these small retailers (I consider the archetypal 'Shopify' demo) -- it's tough to imagine many of them don't already have their own site (and have had at some point in time had eBay in their consideration set). A COVID-inspired tweaked take on the vastly similar "Retail Revival" initiative, leveraging eBay's ongoing milking of their purported "strategic allocation of marketing spend". Go get 'em eBay.

unsuckEBAY • 15th May 2020 •

we make no apology or for our constant support of the NHS why is painting every post box blue ridiculus ? some one painted them all RED ? I have 2 cars and 2 houses, nothing special , mentioned because we didnt think its anything special ,many business men will have more, if our grammar is poor, we apologise for our lack of education which was beyond our control as a child, we can say honestly ebay has gave us nothing other than a paid for service. much like our electricity provider ,internet provider , stock suppliers, etc ,

jim • 15th May 2020 •

Treating eBay as a service is indeed the only way to go. They don't owe you anything other than service agreed for monies tendered. The good thing is that overall eBay only succeed when you do so interests are aligned for sellers as a whole but they will still do what is best for the majority rather than make you a special case.

Chris Dawson • 15th May 2020 •

@ Jim, there you go again taking the morale high ground with your NHS rants (knowing folk will agree with you) while simultaneously trashing ebay (knowing folk will agree with you). Its sad. To answer your questions: Painting 5 postboxes blue is fine but you were banging on that we should paint EVERY post box in the country blue. I believe Chris told you at the time why that would be impractical. You obviously have no comprehension of business or costs. You have 2 cars, 2 houses nothing special you say. Yet another contradiction. You were banging on about your success a few months ago and bragging about your houses and cars and how affluent you were. You said ebay had given you that success. So I will ask again..... are you a liar? You constantly slag ebay and claim they have given you nothing. you dont know up from down Jim. Dont even start me on what you said about Borris BENEFITING from COVID-19 and PROFITING. As someone else pointed out to you at the time - he nearly died from COVID-19. You are bang out of order. One minute you are telling folk to support the Government and the next you are accusing them of profiting from COVID 19 and intentionally letting people die so they can make money on their personal investments. Make your mind up Jim. Or change your mind because there is certainly something wrong with the one you have.

Tyrone P • 15th May 2020 •

Tyrone What do you wish to achieve With your personal and incorrect Accusations

Jim • 15th May 2020 •

It's about time they advertised us! I have always said the great thing about ebay is it's small sellers and not the likes of Argos.

Stuart • 17th May 2020 •