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Following the publication today of the Tamebay Top UK Marketplaces Rankings Tracker for May 2020, in this special report we can reveal that OnBuy is currently the fastest-growing ecommerce company in the UK out of large businesses with more than 250,000 monthly visitors.

SimilarWeb’s April 2020 report also ranked OnBuy as the fastest-growing marketplace across all traffic levels, and it’s ranked fourth in terms of total volume growth, only surpassed by online giants Etsy, Halfords and Apple. OnBuy doubled its workforce in April (in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic!), with plans to extend operations to an additional 42 countries worldwide this August, and has just opened up a £3 million investment round.

Last month, OnBuy chose to double its affiliate fees on all categories in response to Amazon cutting theirs, which has led to a 100% increase in publisher sign-ups. This is important to merchants as at the same time Amazon slashed their affiliate revenue and the more affiliates driving traffic to OnBuy the more sales there will be and the more your business on OnBuy will grow.

OnBuy have now partnered with more than 5,000 sellers – from household name brands to independent retailers – and offers more than 24 million products to over 8 million customers. It’s worth noting that OnBuy don’t sell on their own marketplace so they’ll never be competing with you for sales.

“I am thrilled to see OnBuy exactly where it should be: ranked alongside some of the world’s biggest brands and getting the recognition it deserves. We have an enormous growth journey ahead of us and this is just the start of what we see as a rapid scale up, overseas and within the UK. We’ve worked tirelessly to build a sophisticated marketplace that serves both customers and sellers equally, and now we’re reaping the benefits of that hard work.

We’re proud to run a business that gives customers access to both big name brands and independent sellers at competitive prices, especially given the current reality. Our growth shows that both sellers and buyers are crying out for a different online marketplace experience, and we’re ready and excited to be able to give them that at”
– Cas Paton, founder and CEO of OnBuy

12 Responses

  1. We signed up for to give them a go.
    Just waiting for the module to be released so that we can integrate into our website.
    Supposedly, end of the month.!!!

    As soon as they release the module we can relatively easily put our 5000+ items on there.

    From what I see of their fee structure, it will be way cheaper than ebay (due to ebay’s anchor store fee) and again less expensive than amazon.
    With their offer of no subs fee until you are doing £500 + per month, then it will be good to see another market place battle the big boys and girls.

    @ OnBuy.
    Please get the prestahop module deal finalised. I know the developer has finished it and it’s working.

    PS don’t forget to use the TAMEBAY code when signing up.

  2. Many thanks, just emailed him.
    Certainly been excellent customer service so far, so, long may it continue.
    Kind regards Simon

  3. Does anyone know if there is integration with Visualsoft yet? I cannot see it as as feature or in the roadmap which does suprise me.

  4. Like ebay (for now), they are tied to the dreaded paypal by default.

    They need a better, more modern, flexible payment system.

    Paypal is old hat. too expensive and too tricky.

  5. PayPal are shysters who will feel a cold draught up their kilt when ebay finally adopt thier own payment system at last

    It’s a pity that on_buy align thier marketplace with such an outdated and untrustworthy organisation. A lot of sellers will no longer deal with them.

    They can do better.

  6. I find paypal invaluable.

    Ebay will still accept paypal, so there is no getting away from them on ebay.
    At least with Paypal, you have a separate entity involved in a process, if it’s all under one hood, an issue can scupper the whole process.

    As you will have no doubt seen on the ebay forums, many will not adopt the ebay managed payments system until they are forced too. Why? because they just don’t trust ebay to handle it all properly.

    Paypal don’t always side with buyers.
    RE delivery, as long as you can prove an item as delivered then you are usually covered.

    At least OnBuy are moving forward. They are providing modules to connect websites to OnBuy. With the latest farce of packaging vouchers by ebay that can only be used at one store that have not supplied the goods after three weeks, it hardly instils confidence in the rest of their processes.

  7. Yes, and buyers can claim from ebay AND PayPal. If they don’t succeed with one they try the other.

    Watch out for PayPal – they bite and have ruined many a thriving honest business.

    You will find them invaluable right up to the day they fine you £2500 and sieze your balance for some alleged disobeyance of their obscure rules.

    Believe me it happens.


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