Access to eBay Listing Week Promotion if you sign up for Managed Payments

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Last week, many business sellers received emails from eBay UK telling them that they need to sign up for eBay Payments by the 15th of July, or soon they wouldn’t be able to create new listings. That was the stick and today comes the carrot with eBay UK offering access to an eBay Listing Week Promotion if invited sellers sign up now.

Sellers who register for managed payments between the 29th of June and the 5th of July can qualify for a £1 Final value fees cap on listings created between the 13th to 19th of July. You’ll pay a maximum of £1 Final value fees on the first 100 of those items sold within 30 days of listing.

Who is the eBay Listing Week Promotion open to?

Promotion is open to business sellers who:

  • Are registered on;
  • Have registered for eBay Managed Payments on between 29th June 2020 and 5th July 2020 and have been invited to take part in the Promotion. Further information on Managed Payments can be found here.
  • Reside in the European Union.

How to qualify for the eBay Listing Week Promotion

  1. Register for managed payments between the 29th of June to the 5th of July
  2. Create new listings between 13th to 19th of July
  3. Get your £1 Final value fees

Sellers who register for eBay Managed Payments between 29th June 2020 and 5th July 2020 will be automatically enrolled into this Promotion. You don’t need to opt in and will be able to check that you’re included in this eBay Listing Week Promotion in Seller Hub from the 13th of July. The Promotion counter will only update once eligible transactions have completed, it will not update when the listing is created.

Full terms and conditions are available on eBay.

30 Responses

  1. We are having huge problems with Ebay managed payments registration as a partnership.

    They are not accepting our details and constantly demand further verification, as the names on the business, bank accounts and user names do not match exactly.

    There are THREE different layers of Ebay bureaucracy to deal with:

    1. Ebay UK CS who you still can’t phone directly and will only call you back. They can’t deal with it and pass you on to….
    2. the Ebay Managed Payments Team, who are in the States and only come into the office at 3pm our time. They are very vague and unsure of how to resolve things and say that the matter needs to be resolved by….
    3. the verification team, who cannot be contacted, but who review the documentation and decide whether to put out the screaming red messages at the top of each Ebay page saying you need to verify your business.

    Now we are told they are will restrict businesses from listing from the 15th July if they are not enrolled on managed payments.

    Can anybody at Ebay sort of this Kafkaesque nonsense? I’ve even emailed Rob Hattrrell’s office without response.

    At this rate, we are leaving Ebay on the 15th July, despite repeatedly submitting documentation. This is total madness.

  2. I signed up on Sunday 28th, so for being a good boy I miss out on an offer that could save me hundreds of pounds. Thank you ebay!

  3. Hi Jonah, really sorry to hear you’re having this too.

    It’s because they’re using an American form that only recognises partnerships as an incorporated entity with company numbers.

    In their rush to get this crowbarred through they failed to ensure UK partnerships could register.

    This has caused enormous stress and all during the middle of the covid crisis, as if we needed any more grief.

    Try giving Rob Hatrells office a nudge. If enough do maybe they will get this sorted.

    Getting nowhere with Ebay CS who are floundering.

  4. What’s so annoying about allow this is there are clearly businesses as above that want to register and crack on asap and cannot, and there’s me a loads of others that do not want to register as we’re on micropayments so our fees will shoot up massively. Yet we’re being made to ‘opt in’ with email threats of restrictions. Then they dangle this carrot, people that would want it are missing out as they’ve already signed up, and me I don’t want it as I wont make use of it as I sell low value items. Blind leading the blind at eBay currently.

  5. Jonah, keep your pecker up. There must be a way, even if it means starting a new account. But those ? at Ebay need their heads examining for not sorting these issues out BEFORE rolling out Managed Payments. But since when has Ebay ever done something right first time?

    Many good sellers will leave over this unnecessary payments fiasco.

    Have also messaged Tamebay, but I guess this is a niche issue and there are a lot bigger things going on for their attention.

    Ebay message boards are showing posts from businesses in exactly our position.

    The lack of response from Rob Hattrells office is worrying, as it suggests they don’t have an answer.

    Can only keep trying to highlight the problem and if anyone else is having it, please post as well.

  6. I dont want to use Managed Payments as I use my ebay sales to generate a pot of money in Paypal to buy items I want from ebay and other sellers that use paypal. Have told ebay CS but no-one has contacted me back to discuss this nor have I been told about the planned restricted selling from July

  7. Glad to read we are not the only one having a problem, sent all our details (Ltd Company) but eBay couldn’t verify this ?? and now want photo id either a driving license or passport which i don’t have either of. Have email Rob Hattrells office and not had a reply, we signed up early for this so we could get on with it but now hit a brick wall. eBay cant tell me what’s missing or why they can’t verify my company status, CS just say you need to sort it, yes we would if we knew what to sort !

  8. Ok eBay. You say you will stop me making new listings. Fine by me. I will just wind down and leave.
    If you had any sense, you would explain the benefits of your system to me, answer my questions on the subject and offer help and assistance. Instead you threaten me! Well you can stick it and I will keep my £000’s in fees every month and invest them in my own site.
    This is all done to screw more money out of sellers without giving anything back. Game over!

  9. And so the madness continues, ebay stuck in a loop requesting a company number that I don’t have. You phone up customer support and they haven’t a clue how to help.
    I just give up

  10. I have seen and read all the emails they send me and then threaten and then give something back. I am a seller who has been on Paypal micro payments for years. I have called eBay about this a few times the only answer you get is we take your feedback on board, in other words we throw it in the bin and forget about it.
    eBay should know that there is a whole category of sellers on micro payments, we get at this moment if it all goes through hammered with a rise of 20%+ if you sell a lot of 99p items. I will have to put all my prices but by around 20p and the people who have to pay is my customers, as I will not be able to absorb this exorbitant rise in cost.
    I have not signed up for managed payments and will only do so if I am being forced to or eBay must come to it’s senses before that time.
    It is an absolute shambles that they forget about a whole group of sellers who have special rates from Paypal.

  11. I agree Geert, sellers using micro payments will see a big increase in fees under managed payments. This is another area Ebay is unresponsive on.

    Still no resolution in sight for sellers, who through no fault of their own, are unable to “verify” their businesses for managed payments and face sanctions from 15th July.

    This is totally unacceptable and Ebay must either resolve these issues (there are growing numbers who are being rejected just because they can’t match bank account and Ebay account names) or else put a brake on implementation of managed payments until they have sorted out the problems which they themselves have created.

    Anybody being impacted by this needs to bombard forums as this is not being picked up properly.

    Also, do make direct email contact with Rob Hattrells office, so he knows exactly how many people are being affected.

    I don’t know how much leeway if any UK Ebay has got in this is, as it is being driven by .com, but there is no way sellers should be subjected to this in the middle of the covid crisis. There could be thousands of sellers frozen out of Ebay through their own inflexibility and incompetence.

    It also reinforces the long held view that Ebay does not actually care about its sellers.

  12. Three emails today from Ebay- all saying I am not complying with their required information for managed payments registration. How can I possibly give them a company number if I haven’t got one? They can see I have a valid VAT number, so what’s the problem ?
    It’s really becoming tiresome now, when you phone up custard support it takes ages to get through and the poor person at the other end of the line hasn’t a clue. Thanks ebay, just what we need in these Covid crisis times.

  13. @Alan, thanks for the message, much appreciated. I know entirely what you mean, we have selected sole trader but it’s because as you say the name on the account is different to the name of the business bank account. Even given this, we are still presented with having to input a company number. I just don’t understand what’s going on, it’s taking up precious time and is a big hassle we don’t need.
    We have emailed Rob Hattrell but have had no response. All we can do is let events take their course, we will let everyone know if we find an easy solution that may help others.

  14. Ok. Here’s the latest installment of the Ebay managed payments madness.

    Received a call finally from D*** at Ebay CS.

    The documents we uploaded to Ebay verification could not be seen by Ebay US due file corruption owing to THEIR system error.

    As a result, they put our business into an unverified status, rather than fixing their error.

    D*** has told us that the link to upload fresh documentation has vanished from our Ebay pages and they are “working” to restore that link.

    He also said that unless they get those documents and can verify them we will be restricted from selling from the 15th.

    D*** acknowledged that the problem was ENTIRELY Ebay’s fault, but admitted it was possible they would not get the issue fixed before the 15th.

    What happens then?

    Your account will be restricted, I was told.

    This is total MADNESS !!!!!!

  15. It is time we had a new online auction site for UK sellers run from the UK. There are many sellers and buyers of classic car parts who are stuck without their weekly fix of autojumbles due to COVID. I have a great domain name registered but am not technically minded to be able to set up a website where buyers could go to to be linked up with autojumblers throughout the UK.

  16. I have had a response from Rob Hattrell’s office from one of his staff. Advises to contact Ebay CS and says they are working to resolve the “issues” which they say they are aware of.

    Asked for reassurance that no sellers would have their accounts limited due to these issues until the verification process was sorted out.

    Did not receive that assurance.

    No confidence either that they will resolve, as they don’t seem clear what the “issues” are.

    For those sellers impacted it does not seem to matter what you enter or upload, you just keep getting bombarded with demands for documentation and bank verification.

    If Ebay limits our account, I will not accept that and will simply close it, ending my relationship with this disfunctional organisation.

    To do all this during the Covid crisis will go down as the darkest chapter in Ebay’s already chequered relationship with its sellers.

  17. Afterthought:

    Any sensible organisation would have sorted out the problems before implementing compulsory registration.

    Any sensible organisation would have had voluntary registration to begin with, enabling them to iron out any problems (as they did with paypal all those years ago)

    Any sensible organisation would at least protect sellers from restrictions which their own system problems are causing, until they are solved.

    Any sensible seller would read the above and question seriously whether to entrust their livelihoods to such an organisation as Ebay in the future.

    Who knows what is to come when it is (inevitably) put up for sale as a final pay off for the activist carpetbaggers now calling the shots at Ebay.

  18. I’m confused as to whether the sign-up is mandatory. We would like to hold off as long as possible however the last time we were called by the managed payments team they said there might be account restrictions if the sign-up is not completed by the 15th.

    Has anyone got any clarification on this?

    If they really are going to impose account restrictions if you don’t sign up on the 15th it should be made VERY clear however it’s not.

  19. Im with you Tom I was hoping to hold out until 2021 and by that time i would be finished with EBay. Simply no profit with online selling anymore


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