Hermes technical issue scrambles barcodes on labels

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A recent Hermes technical issue resulted in barcodes on labels not generating correctly. They say that this occurred to a very small number of parcel labels printed between 2pm on Friday 29th May and 10am on Monday 1st June. As a result, there may be a delay in getting parcels to those identified recipients.

If you are a Hermes Business Account Holder that was impacted, you should have received an email early Tuesday notifying you of the Hermes technical issue and advising that if you have not yet sent your parcel with labels printed during the above times (via your van collection) then that you should reprint the label and replace the old label.

However for many Hermes customers by the time the email arrived informing them of the Hermes technical issue it was too late and the parcels were already in the network. Unfortunately there could be a delay of up to 7 days before affected parcels will be delivered.

It’s obviously advised, if you can identify the impacted shipments easily, that you warn your customers of possible delay. Hopefully marketplaces will already be aware of the issues as we’ve already heard from sellers who have hundreds of parcels impacted who are now starting to receive messages from buyers with the inevitable “Where is my order?” questions.

Tracking information about these parcels may show the parcel is held in the Hermes network.

Thankfully the problem has been rectified and to set you mind at rest, any labels produced after 10am on the 1st June will not have been impacted as by then the Hermes technical issue was fixed and your shipments will be delivered on time as usual.

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  1. there is always problems with Hermes Courier !!! & prices not the cheapest anymore,not good at all

  2. Still wanting to know why our account was deleted yet customer services claimed no account for such email address ever existed. Well, because they deleted it…..

  3. I wouldn’t send anything irreplaceable with Hermes but up to 5kg for normal stuff they are ok. Always a bit nerve-racking when something does move after collection for a couple of days thou. Not as good as UPS, DPD, Royal Mail, Parcel Force, FedEx, that’s for sure and they removed insurance as included to parcel2go.

  4. if other has a drop-off point near me, I don’t think id use them as much, they are winning because they created so many drop shops, so convenience is a big factor we mostly use Royal Mail but being able to simply drop off a few parcels is handy for me.

  5. Hermes…. hmmm that will be the company that hasn’t managed to deliver a parcel to us for 2 months, with everyone arriving at the local depot and never moving…. until we apparantely instruct them to return to sender. Amazingly sometimes we do this within 2 minutes of it being updated to being at the depot.
    Obviously this is a complete lie and is just ensuring they get paid for not being able to deliver. C.S are a joke and just give you the run around like saying they tried to deliver but we were closed… yet tracking shows no such thing and we have no issues with other couriers.
    Just to add insult to injury, when i went to escale a major claim, the link to the original email thread on there website…. was nolonger in existance. Strange that.
    So, i have no idea about recenet issues, but for us Hermes is one big long issue. Thank god we never use them, justa shame that many sellers now disguise this by stating 48hr courier etc, so you don’t know!

  6. this is not a small issue.

    every single one of my parcels is impacted – bought through ebay / packlink … who have not sent ANY communication about the issue.

    I have dozens of parcels now “stuck” with no indication of what is going to happen to them.

    I assume they have to manually check each and every one and relabel with a correct barcode?

  7. Just took a load of parcels to the Parcelshop this morning (Saturday 6th June) and none of them will scan, so I’m guessing that the barcode situation has not been sorted.
    Also none of the parcels I took on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th have left the local hub yet !!

  8. My drop off point was not able to accept a parcel today. Presume this is connected with this issue.

  9. I will NEVER, EVER use Hermes(herpes) again. Royal mail, UPS every time.
    I know a lot of sellers are like minded.

  10. I paid and printed a parcel today 6th June. The scanners at the drop off points are unable to scan the barcodes. I have been to 2 different drop off points and there is an issue with scanning barcodes. So this issue is not yet resolved.

  11. Yes same here went to drop off parcel but could not recognise the bar code seemed strange as 2 days ago I sent a parcel and it scanned so I went to a different shop same thing happened there too just have to wait until it sorts out

  12. Why was I able to print off 2 labels for my parcels at my local drop off point today Sat 6th June (after I had paid for next day delivery) if the system wasn’t working. To then be told that my barcodes were not scanning???
    Surely the system should have closed down them too

  13. i am a business owner who sends out Parcels every day. I had I have had no delays until the 1st of June and all my parcels have experience delays and my customers have asked what’s going on. So I’m just wondering if anybody after the date in the article is also experiencing delays because obviously they’re lying about the timeframe

  14. Hermes supposedly made a delivery to me on 22/4 which I have not received and they tell me to take it up with retailer! Why its them who can’t deliver parcels properly what do they do with them

  15. Problems again yesterday, would not scan, had to bring them back and cancel them all. Equally, I have customers chasing me now telling me their parcels from weekend of the 29th May have not arrived. Even had one customer who got someone else’s parcel (the other persons full name/address were on it – tell me how that happens! – and the Hermes courier, seeing it was the wrong name/address, would not take the parcel back).
    Haven’t tried today but thinking of steering clear for a while and going Royal Mail again.

  16. I thought Parcelforce were bad they don’t hold a candle to this lot never again.They
    seem in no hurry to fix the problem.

  17. Label generated on Friday for drop off, however it will not scan at two shops. I bought and the website says it’s for drop off, but the shops say it’s generated a home pick up label. Called Hermes contact centre 10 times, cant get through it cuts out after one ring, no information on their website about how to resolve this problem. My customer needs their order so going to now send with another carrier and chase Hermes for a refund.

    I would not have minded if they had issued a press release, or even a tweet, saying that there was a problem and what those impacted should do but this is just poor. If I can’t contact them to report a problem, how can they know if there is a problem to fix.

  18. Load of fucking shit just had 2 cases open on eBay for item not arrived and the parcels have been sitting in MY local depot for 9 days with no update to tracking. Never using Hermes again

  19. I have 8 parcels that i sent out monday morning 1st June. I printed the labels on the previous Saturday and Sunday. None of htese parcels have arrived, all of these are stuck somewhere. I have tried to contact Hermes several times, i get cut off every time. I even got through to a lady and she said she would chace up with depot and after 2 mins on hold cut me off. I will lose a lot of money and will get bad feedback from my customers , this is unexceptable and they refuse to tell me what is going on

  20. I’m sick of Hermes now I’ve 40 parcels stuck with them from 1st June no updat on tracking or any info on when they will be delivered also chaos from customers wanting to know why their items have not been delivered. Can not get trough on phone and no email replies UNACCEPTABLE!! ?

  21. Sent a parcel on 31st may still saying at local depot tyneside today is 8th June nobody knows nothing my buyer is demanding a refund and hermes couldn’t give a toss about where anyone’s parcels are I’ve been told there dealing with the big clients first then they’ll get to us little folk who send one or two items disgusting the company needs investigating surely there’s a whistle blower in there that’s willing to talk.

  22. Sent out 4 parcels on Friday, 2 got delivered to the wrong Address on Monday and Tuesday even after they had correct name and address on the label. Hermes also tried to deliver third parcel to the wrong address and apparantly now it’s getting sent back to sender.
    Out of 20 parcels I sent out last Monday only 3 got delivered and 17 are still stuck at depo. I managed to get hold of someone at Hermes last Monday and they promised that they will collect parcel that was delivered to the wrong address within 2 working days. 7 days later and parcel has not been collected yet. Parcel that was delivered on Tuesday to the wrong address has been re-labeled at depo, but they put wrong customer name and address over my label. After that Hermes delivered it to the wrong person/address, what a nightmare. I probably spent over 5 hours on the phone last week trying to talk again to someone at Hermes with no success. They hung up twice on me after spending more then 1 hour on hold. I’ve tried sending numerous emails through “Holly” and I would receive reply from their customer service after couple days saying your issue has been resolved now. Parcel no.1 was delivered on Monday and Parcel no.2 was delivered on Tuesday, of course parcels have been delivered only problem was they were delivered to the wrong address. Tried ringing Hermes again on Saturday and I noticed that they blocked my phone number. I’ve tried hiding caller ID and phone started ringing straight away. After spending 45 minutes listening to the music they cut off my line again. After that I sent email to Hermes CEO and I tried to explain whole situation. Somene replied on my email on his behalf later that day and promised Hermes will sort everthing out by Tuesday at latest. I doubt they will sort anything out. I think that I will probably end up issuing refund to all my customers and then I will have to take legal action against Hermes.
    No more Hermes after such a mess and no customer support at all!

  23. Turns out a flashy designer stickers on obscure corner shops (at least where I live…) still do not make this “company” to deliver what they promise.

  24. This has happened me too! A parcel printed off on Saturday/Sunday and then picked up on the 1st June. Received the email saying my parcels were impacted. 8th June and my parcel is still in limbo and lose to stand a lot of money! Contacted Hermes abc nothing!

  25. Same – tried to drop off a Hermes parcel 6/6 as I couldn’t purchase a courier pick up on their website (and still can’t), but they wouldn’t accept the parcel. Phone lines not working, and yesterday on hold several times only to be cut off after an hour. Today I tried to drop off again and was successful. A couple of weeks ago I had several packages awaiting collection, no-one bothered to collect and after chasing Packlink each day for over a week, I gave up in the end. Shockingly poor service from Hermes, made worse by not being able to get hold of them at all. Chatbot is useless. Packlink couldn’t care less either and do nothing. I have been shielding and trying to get collections, now being forced to go out to Post Office as cannot trust Hermes anymore. Hundreds of eye opening posts on eBay discussion boards also about terrible Packlink problems.

  26. Just check. 8 out of my 9 are stuck in the system. Not moved since 1st June. My friend a power seller moved all her items to r m after Hermes always had an excuse not to pay for lost parcels (left it too late. Not covering that etc ) never looked back.

    Just wish r m were tracked. Too easy for fraud

  27. I’m fed up of refreshing tracking or being fobbed off by Hermes telling me to wait 48 hours, then another 48 hours, then 24 hours and still my parcel hasn’t moved since collection over a week ago. They need to admit loss now so I can refund my buyer as it’s just not fair

  28. 15 items sent via hermes on saturday 30th of may got to depo and got no further got the email saying that the lables i printed had been effected but they sent me this email ather parcels were sent
    12 sent on thuesday all delivered fine
    emailed hermes they said that the 15 parcels maybe classed as missing and i will need to sent a claim form for every single parcel

  29. my mate works for hermes and said therte is about 2.8 millon effected parcels and it would be six weeks until they are all on the move

  30. Sent x40 parcels last Monday, cont my words every single one of them has not moved from depot myHermes have emailed me saying they have resolved the issue but they have not x40 parcels £20 a parcel is £800 I’ve got buyers constantly emailing me asking where they are I have no choice but push for refunds but believe myHermes will end up delivering parcels anyway so am going to be out of pocket and customers will get the items, last nail in the coffin for Hermes will have to go back to RM

  31. I know something is going on at Hermes. Their driver is a regular on our street normally delivering every day. We know him to talk to, he has a fairly regular run and usually arrives about lunchtime. Not seen him in days.

  32. my parcel in been stuck since 12th may saying that is too big to deliver and will be pass to another special courier and will be in my way in 48 hours i’m still waiting and there is no way to contact a human so basically my parcel is lost hope they can find it even later

  33. I’ve tried to contact Hermes now 3/4 times and no joy at all. Just the auto bot ‘Holly’ which is useless! I have 2 parcels but one of them is a high value item and I’m going to be out of pocket big time with this, especially if it’s going to take weeks for 2.8 million parcels to be delivered that have been affected by this issue and mess!

  34. Outraging, My Hermes holding 50 of my parcels now because of their issue and this is going to cost me a tons of money! Appalling service for a delivery company.

  35. It’s not just Hermes, RM are in meltdown. We have missing post everywhere. Good job the parcels are all insured, if RM don’t pay out on insurance then it’s straight to small claims court.

  36. Well too top it all off Hermes tracking is down as well now, And barcodes for those “missing” parcels no longer work, Nor do they work in Holly, I think we have all been shafted, On another note, Good luck getting any kind of payment from RM or ParcelForce, Their insurance means nothing, Even if they claim liability you wont get a penny from them regardless of how much cover you have, Ive had parcels go missing with RM and paid for extra cover never got anything back.

  37. County Court system is closed I am afraid ..won a case from last August against a second hand car for 3K in March ..cant enforce the judgement until lockdown is over court system is a useless as Hermes at the moment

    28 Parcels choked 11 delivered 17 Bouncing around the country

  38. Hermes site down at the moment in terms of either checking tracking or using ‘Holly’…..something is going on!

    I have now raised 11 queries for missing parcels and 1 for a mis-delivered parcel (even though it had completely correct name and address on, went to Solihull instead of Wigan). Each one takes too long to raise as a query, but only 4 of my case references actually show on my support tickets??

    Add to that one parcel that is lost (Hermes agree this is lost with their usual ridiculous claim system, whereby they accept it’s lost but I still have to fill out all the claim details) they now have the handling time for lost claims of 28 days. It was 14 days before. All for a parcel they told me was lost!

    Just gone Royal Mail…………..

  39. Hermes have caused me to close down my shop on eBay. Hermes did not contacty me about the issue and i found out because my collection did not happen. They then told me i had to re purchase all the labels which i did, then they told me that didn t have to do that and i could just reprint. Either way 150 parcels just dissapeared with no tracking, and i now have 150 eBay customers who want their money back. This is the end for us, its around £2000 of refunds blus £500 of shipping costs (doubled at the moment)
    Thats how easily Hermes can ruin you.

  40. What the hell is going on with delivery companies in UK!!!?????? They all keep loosing parcel, HERMES, ROYAL MAIL! You are killing sellers here.

  41. Big backlog it seems. No collections made from the parcelshop for three days. One customer has not received their parcel sent out three weeks ago. Unfortunately they are the cheapest.

  42. I have a parcel apparently ‘stuck’ since 2nd June but can’t find any information. Holly and/or automated phone system say to contact retailer, but I don’t know who the retailer is – all I have is an email from Hermes saying they have my ‘Whistl’ parcel, but as far as I’m concerned that is another mail delivery company not a retailer!! Several people have mentioned emailing Hermes but I can’t find a contact? Does anyone have an email address or phone number that will get me to a real person?
    Many thanks

  43. I seen our local Hermes driver yesterday. Her van (Citroen Dispatch 8 seater…) was so full of parcels that said parcels were falling out of this lovely van ….. hence Hermes cannot track those parcels now 😉

  44. I’ve been trying to get a label all day today but they are not giving me any details and the QR code doesn’t load, the print at home button is deactivated and Holly is a bag of you know what!

  45. I sent 2 parcels 1st of June, tracking shows out for delivery but not yet delivered, cusdtomers want refund, imposible to get info from Hermes.
    I wiuld advise anyone to use another company or through parcels in the bin and save the delivery cost

  46. It’s just impossible to speak to anyone at Hermes, customer help line is automated (non-human), always engaged. Email address is unavailable now, launch Holly is a joke! doesn’t actuslly work at all. It’s now 10 days since my package entered their system and still no delivery, no updates, no reply to emails.

  47. Correction! The problem started on 19th may till 1st June. Ofcourse they won’t admit this publicly but Every single parcel we sent between these dates are nowhere to be found. Hermes customer service night existent as usual. I have sent 26 parcel through Hermes between 19th may and 1st June. Every single one has gone missing. Having to spend at least 5/6 hours each day chasing Hermes and informing customers accordingly. Complete Joke! Never going to use Hermes again!

  48. This is still ongoing – I have a number of parcels that are just sat saying “parcel collected” and I’m having to explain to my customers that Hermes claim they will be delivered.
    The tracking has now stopped working, meaning that customers are not even able to check on the status of the parcel. I have nothing to be able to tell them and I don’t know when Hermes will admit the parcels are lost so I can issue a refund?

  49. FYI “Latest” news on Hermes website is from 20 March 2017 (yes, 3.5 years ago!!). No info on the current technical glitch of course.

  50. Hermes claimed all parcels will be delivered by the end of this week.
    I still have 11 parcel that are not moving!

  51. Hermes, you are a total disgrace to the universe….we were expecting a delivery today, of which my husband had a text msg to say your parcel has been delivered and signed for…. well what a joke?… been in the house all day, no card, msg etc nothing left at neighbours or in the blue bin…. even been to another avenue with a similar name to ours, person checked nothing…. how can company’s use this for their collection & deliveries when you can’t even contact them…. you call them on the given no to speak to someone, and the only thing you get is a recorded msg put your tracking no in… oh your parcel had been delivered… total liars, it’s more likely the driver couldn’t be bothered with it, so he faked the signature….think they should close this company down and the customer service is a waste of time….disgusting company….

  52. I sent a parcel on the 1st June, that was picked up that day but hasn’t moved since 9:27pm that night, and still says ‘We’ve got your parcel and we’re processing it for you’

    Every attempt I make to contact Hermes yields the same cut-and-paste response.

    Packlink, who I bought shipping through, are equally useless.

    Is this the same experience others are having with the barcode issue? Have you seen any movement on parcels since? Have any started moving after you’d sort of given up? I’m looking for a little hope here as if the parcel does not reach the buyer, I am out of pocket £300 in one hit, which I cannot afford right now at all!

  53. I only have one caught up in this which has now been delivered, but everything sent afterwards has also been moving much more slowly than usual. In fact everything about Hermes service has gone downhill since June 1st. Couriers don’t pick up on the day they are booked and I have ten total Ebay orders that haven’t yet reached their recipients. I am relying heavily on buyer patience not to get item not received cases open against me because of Hermes sudden decrease in the quality of service.

    Two of my orders haven’t updated since tracking showed they entered the Hermes network. It took three days to get to that stage from courier pickup. The rest have at least reached the National Hub for sorting as of Saturday and a few have made their way out for delivery this morning.

    Trying to get support is like trying to get blood from a stone though!

  54. The tracking on my parcel didnt move from the 1st june until 14th June, stuck at collected from local courier. Then it said label reprint in Airdrie , arrived at north hub, then Birmingham, hopefully may get it sometime this week. Seems a roundabout way to take a parcel from one side of Birmingham to the other. Would have been quicker if I had walked there and fetched it myself.

  55. Whatever the issue is with their barcode system… would be nice if they could sort out their couriers to start with! The ones who put down fake reports about deliveries… when they were nowhere near my place… 2 days in a row reporting back ‘ difficulties with access ‘ – while I was out in the front reading a book and waiting for the parcel. Absolutely rubbish, and they don’t have a customer service to talk to. AVOID!

  56. This has been a scary time. So, if not Hermes, then who. Are any of the other courier services cheap and reliable, or is it just the luck of the draw?

  57. We have one of Hermes’ sorting hubs next door to us and if you saw the chaos on a morning with people cramming parcels into their banger of a car, you wouldn’t ship with them.. certainly not a £300 item! They’re cheap for a reason

  58. 840 parcels affected , lots getting finally delivered 2 weeks late, however some parcels mixed up , some still no movement, some already lost never to be seen again, thousands of £’S missing awaiting hermes compo resolutions, No support from Amazon uk at all on a scale 1-100 Amazon support is only a poor 1 out of 100 and that’s been generous. They don’t seem to care.
    However ebay 1-100 we give them 99 so well done ebay , shame on you Amazon uk

  59. Purchased a item from eBay on the 20th April to be told it would be delivered by Hermes on the 24th April .Iv contacted the automated robot at Hermes online and by phone just to get the same reply it be with you in couple of days as theirs a problem with their labels ,mine is nearly into 3months now . Iv. Had to contact the seller on eBay who has replied to say it was posted the same day it was purchased. This is not fair to the sellers on eBay ,The problem is Hermes they talk a load of shite and just fob the customer off. Does anybody know a telephone number for Hermes and if it’s possible to speak to a human being.

  60. 22 sent over the affected dates approx £1200

    6 delivered incorrectly on the Monday/Tuesday but to my own customers luckily who have been helpful

    2 returned back to me

    1 delivered to wrong address after being relabelled thats now missing no answer at the house it went to for over 2 weeks. Manager supposedly is to retrive it still waiting a week later no news funny that

    One was delivered to the wrong buyer after being relabelled incorrectly, I went online and got a new label paid for it was then collected on a Friday hermes intercepted it Saturday (said they had retrived it) and then delivered it back to the pickup address Weds….. you couldnt make that up!

    I have about 4 currently outstanding as missing 2 of which supposedly delivered, no photo, no gps on either

    Of course its the more expensive that went awol and all had handwritten addresses in the event a label came off

    Currently have had no claims paid out you can get through to Customer service via phones so far at about 7hrs on 4 calls (cut off twice and had to que again)

    Frustrating but i think had they just returned all to sender straight away this could of been solved. In there attempt to rectify they have in most cases made it even more confused

  61. Hello,
    It’s first time I experience this – I sent my parcel 18th of May and my customer haven’t receive it yet!! Tracking number saying it was at the national hub 20th May and from there nothing new! I’ve been mailing them and claimed “missing parcel” – finally I got email today that they will refund me 12,83£ fee, but they didn’t mentioned anything about value of item is actually 300£

    Still hoping my customer will receive it soon,

    it’s a shame

  62. I have not sent anything with Hermes for nearly 1 year ( I have been off sick – self employed get sick too).

    Lol I received a barrage of invoices from Hermes a few days ago stating that my parcel was overweight and charging me for the difference (plus an admin fee). crazy! I haven’t sent anything! The Hermes system must be really screwed up.

    I sympathise and hope ebay are still covering you guys for all the defects this must be causing.

  63. OK, I get the gist that there is no way to contact Hermes, but how do I unsubscribe from these notifications now? I click on the unsubscribe button and get the message ‘there is a critical error on your web site’ which isn’t particularly helpful.

  64. 41 parcels sent, I sent Hermes CEO £2000 claim letter of intention. Have lots of proof of damages owed yet they offer £250. I hope small claims deals with it just before they go bankrupt, then I hope they rot in their incompetence forever, drowning all that hid behind Holly in their own septic pus oozing from their ‘ advertise more then care less ‘ ethos. Noticed all the recent adverts?

  65. Just tried dropping off a parcel today to be told that the scanner isn’t working!!!! Second time in as many weeks although my first parcel did eventually make it after four days.

  66. Without question MyHermes ( more accurately ‘My Nasty Genital Herpes’) is the worst Delivery Company currently out there.
    Over the past month they have smashed, lost or misposted over 10% of my parcels. Their tracking service is a joke – example: customer notified to expect delivery today (24.06.20) of a package which was delivered 11 days ago.
    A total disgrace which collectively we, the long suffering parcel senders, ought to combine forces and sue. This is a totally incompetent and wretched Company.
    Their telephone is continuously engaged and this together with their online help “Holly” is designed to raise the blood pressure of the most placid person until they either give up or die of a heart attack. It is impossible to contact them and no doubt specifically designed that way.
    ALL my parcels now go via Royal Mail and I shall NOT be returning to ‘My Nasty Genital Herpes’.
    By using ‘My Nasty Genital Herpes’ you are placing your Company’s good reputation and future business in the hands of people you cannot see, cannot touch, cannot hear and cannot speak to when things go wrong. Not a good business model to adopt.

  67. They still have not found the plot!!! How about this for a tracking history:

    12:42 – Mon 22 Jun
    Your friendly local courier has collected your parcel. We just need to process it and we’ll get it on its way to you

    09:56 – Tue 23 Jun
    Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you

    19:39 – Tue 23 Jun
    Your parcel is on its way back to the sender

    13:31 – Wed 24 Jun
    Further updates on your parcel to follow

    13:32 – Wed 24 Jun
    We’ve received your parcel

    20:23 – Wed 24 Jun
    We’re sorry your parcel has been delayed, we’ll have it on the move in the next 24 hours

    12:34 – Thu 25 Jun
    Your parcel is on its way back to the sender

  68. That’s nothing look at this…. and no it has still not been actually delivered

    12:12 – Sat 30 May

    We’ve received your parcel at the ParcelShop and it’s on its way

    15:20 – Sat 30 May

    We’ve collected your parcel from the drop off point and it’s on its way

    on its way

    11:08 – Sun 07 Jun

    We’ve got your parcel and we’re processing it for you

    19:44 – Sun 07 Jun

    Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you

    10:30 – Mon 08 Jun

    Your parcel has been delivered and signed for

    15:53 – Wed 10 Jun

    We’ve got your parcel and we’re processing it for you

    21:43 – Wed 10 Jun

    Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you

    11:04 – Thu 11 Jun

    Your parcel has been delivered and signed for

    15:48 – Wed 17 Jun

    We’ve got your parcel and we’re processing it for you

    20:22 – Wed 17 Jun

    Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you

    06:18 – Thu 18 Jun

    We’re sorry your parcel has been delayed, we’ll have it on the move in the next 24 hours.

    12:23 – Thu 18 Jun

    Your parcel has been delivered and signed for

    13:25 – Thu 18 Jun

    Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you

    07:55 – Fri 19 Jun

    We’re sorry your parcel has been delayed, we’ll have it on the move in the next 24 hours.

    09:06 – Fri 19 Jun

    Your parcel has been delivered and signed for

    23:18 – Tue 23 Jun

    Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you

    07:51 – Wed 24 Jun

    We’re sorry your parcel has been delayed, we’ll have it on the move in the next 24 hours.

    with your courier


    10:20 – Wed 24 Jun

    Your parcel has been delivered and signed for

  69. My parcel was collected by the courier on the first of June still not delivered. So much for small delay. I’ve emailed numerous times and spoken to someone once, who said the search was being escalated. That was two weeks ago. I won’t be using them again.

  70. Wake up call for many that Hermes is shi1teeee… Their IT systems are probably run by very random people not having much experience/knowledge. Similar to their delivery drivers – running around in family cars (with disabled conversion) and knocking on my door in dirty track suits… So much for a “company image”.


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