Happy 1st Birthday eCommeleon (5 x £50 vouchers up for grabs)

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We recently caught up with eCommeleon, the marketplace product data & feed optimiser from Leipzig, Germany, who are celebrating their first year on the market (Happy first birthday eCommeleon!), and what a year it’s been to get a new business off the ground!

Launching a product designed to help online sellers increase sales in the middle of the global pandemic and the resulting eCommerce boom has not been without its challenges, with many would-be eCommeleon users reluctant to change their processes or sign up for a product designed to increase sales whilst already struggling to keep up with the ecommerce boom.

So with fewer users to onboard than expected, it sounds like eCommeleon have been busy adding a lot of bells and whistles to what was already a very interesting product, building in a myriad of new features and marketplace integrations to help keep skeletal crews working more efficiently and allowing them to become less reliant on Amazon.

“With many sellers being too busy to think about any changes to their processes over the last few months, we’ve instead been able to use valuable feedback from our current users to dedicate resources into integrating new sales channels and features to help our users work even more efficiently.

This means that, just in time for Q4, sellers could now expect to get up and running on over 30 marketplaces around the world within just a few weeks. One seller who had been trying to launch on OnBuy for months with their previous solution was able to do so in just 2 hours with eCommeleon”
– Jesse Wragg, Managing Director, eCommeleon

eCommeleon Marketplace Integrations

Among others, and in addition to all Amazon & eBay channels, you can now use eCommeleon to create optimised listings on:

  • Real – Germany
  • Wundercurves – Germany
  • Otto – Germany
  • Cdiscount – France
  • OnBuy – UK
  • Fruugo – Worldwide
  • Hepsiburada – Turkey
  • Eprice – Italy
  • EMAG – Romania
  • Walmart – USA
  • Bol.com – Netherlands
  • FNAC – France

‘Optimisation’ is a bit of a buzz-word with ecommerce software companies so I asked specifically what they mean by an optimised listing.

“The basic idea is about product enrichment – i.e. being able to quickly & easily assign attributes/item-specifics to every individual listing in next to no time and without needing any marketplace knowledge to do so. This helps your products get found on marketplaces, especially when buyers start to apply filters.”
– Jesse Wragg, Managing Director, eCommeleon

This means that even the most inexperienced employees can start creating really high listings for all marketplaces and could be a really valuable tool for companies who have access to speakers of other languages in particular.

New eCommeleon Features

eCommeleon’s main focus was and continues to be marketplace validation (i.e. preventing listing errors by letting you see ahead of time if your listings will be accepted by each marketplace).

They’ve added a few complementary features which lay the groundwork for a very interesting software moving forward.

  • Per-channel overview
  • View & manage your product listings on a per-channel basis and see which channels will be affected when you make a change to your listings and to see exactly what information is being sent where

  • Image hosting
  • Host your images and easily map them to your marketplace channels

  • Dynamic product information
  • Create rules and templates for individual sales channels and let eCommeleon take care of the rest, even when you change your source data

What sets eCommeleon apart?

The biggest difference between eCommeleon and a lot of other ecommerce SaaS tools seems to be the true marketplace expertise. They’re not just flogging a product – the service and strategy components are where the real value-add comes in and given their agency background, you know they know what they’re doing.

Happy 1st Birthday eCommeleon gifts for Tamebay readers

SurveyIn addition to offering 30% off for the first 3 months for Tamebay readers, eCommeleon are giving away 5 x £50 vouchers (of your choice) if you take part in this survey.

The survey only takes a few minutes but is being used to collect information about the habits/trends of marketplace sellers in particular, so it will be interesting to see what the results are when eCommeleon share these next year.


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