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Limango is a german marketplace for fashion, home, sports, baby and toys. Today Jesse Wragg from eCommeleon introduces the marketplace, the opportunities for retailers and what you need to know to get started selling successfully:

Marketplace choices

Whilst the ramp-up for Christmas sales is already underway, many sellers are already beginning to look at what 2022 will bring. New marketplaces are popping up all over the show; from established names like Debenhams & MediaMarkt opening their doors to third-party sellers, to feisty start-ups carving out a niche such as Veo (sustainability) & Wundercurves (plus-size fashion).

In 2022 you’ll be spoilt for choice for opportunities to expand your business both within the UK and overseas, whether in Europe, the USA or further afield.


eCommeleon recently announced a new integration with Limango; part of the OTTO Group, and Germany’s number 1 platform for young families. According to Limango, 95% of their customers are women, primarily mothers, between the ages of 25 and 50. As such, Limango offers an excellent expansion opportunity for categories such as fashion, shoes, outdoor & sports, home & garden, baby and toys.

With 8 million members and 1.7 million customers, Limango is regarded in Germany as a go-to for sale-actions across curated brands & products. Limango offers many opportunities to promote your products throughout the year, beyond the typical sale periods such as Black Friday.

Founded in 2007, Limango recently opened their doors to third party sellers and now has close to 500,000 products live from 370 partners.

How to sell on Limango

As with any marketplace, there are a few hoops to jump through before you can see your first orders from Limango customers. Once you’ve been approved to open a selling account (apply here), there are a lot of requirements as to how your product data should be provided. Limango expects high-quality product listings, ideally with many attributes about your products completed. Listings should be provided either via an XML feed or through one of their integration partners.

Limango also requires that you have a European business entity and fulfillment options.

eCommeleon can help you with both aspects of this. If you don’t have an EU business entity/fulfilment, eCommeleon offers a complete solution to help you arrange both of these. However, if you’d prefer not to go through the bureaucracy of this, eCommeleon’s partner company can also act as a retailer on your behalf, whilst helping you sell on other European marketplaces that don’t have this requirement.

eCommeleon’s strength lies in the creation of high-quality product data for marketplaces. In the case of Limango, eCommeleon can help you adapt any existing product data you might have to meet the specific requirements of Limango, or any other marketplace.

Is it worth it?

The simple answer is “yes”. Unlike most marketplaces, Limango doesn’t have fixed commission rates. Instead, they treat sellers as partners. Negotiating with you to find a commission rate which is fair for both parties and ensures that it is worth your time and effort to offer your products for sale on their marketplace. Furthermore, Limango takes care of all customer communication and payment management, and boasts low return rates across all categories. As such, once you’re up and running, your day-to-day demands from this new channel will be much lower than other marketplaces.

Limango is growing rapidly and anticipates a GMV of €1B this financial year.

Special Offer for Tamebay Readers

If you’re interested in selling on Limango, or want to take advantage of eCommeleon’s solution for selling in Europe, each of the eCommeleon plans are available on a month-to-month contract, and eCommeleon are offering Tamebay readers 35% off all software solutions until the end of this year. Just quote Tamebay35 when you get in touch.


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