New Royal Mail Wolverhampton fully automated parcel sorting machine

New Royal Mail Wolverhampton fully automated parcel sorting machine

Royal Mail has installed a new state-of-the-art parcel sorting machine in its North West Midlands Mail Centre in Wolverhampton that can process 157,000 parcels per day.

Based in Royal Mail’s North West Midlands Mail Centre, the parcel sorting machine can process up to 7,500 parcels per hour to local delivery offices across the Midlands and the rest of the UK. Advanced screening technology means parcels can be sorted up to four times more quickly than by hand

Built by automated technology company Solystic, the parcel sorting machine can handle a variety of parcel shapes and sizes weighing up to 20kg.

The installation is part of Royal Mail’s multi-million pound investment programme to replace significant manual sorting processes that can be both time consuming and physically demanding and help the Company meet the surge in demand for parcels and online shopping.

We are transforming the way Royal Mail processes parcels given the rapid growth in online shopping in recent years. Our investment in state-of the-art parcel sorting machines will help us better meet the growing demands of our customers in the Midlands and the rest of the UK and is a vital part of the ongoing reinvention of Royal Mail.

– Sarah Coulson, Parcels Automation Programme Director, Royal Mail

We are delighted to be part of this important initiative with Royal Mail. Our parcel sorting machines will help Royal Mail quickly and effectively sort the increasing number of parcels that are being posted across its network thanks to the growth in e-commerce. We look forward to supporting Royal Mail with this new technology.

– Maurizio Puppo, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Solystic

A total of 39 Royal Mail parcel sorting machines are set to be in operation by October 2022 – nearly a 100% increase in a year. This includes installations at new hubs being built in Warrington and Daventry, which when operational, will be able to process more than 1.5million parcels per day.

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These machines do not work properly and are constantly overcharging senders and giving surcharges to businesses. See threads in Amazon, Etsy and Ebay forums. Ofcom are aware, as are local and SME MP Paul Skully. I believe the Times are also writing an article. Royal Mail are aware of the problems but as its making them additional money they are doing nothing, until Ofcom wacks them with a big fine.

A Small business owner • 28th March 2022 •