eBay reveals how to cash in on over £1,000 this April


New research released by eBay UK reveals that three quarters of people in Britain have already started, or are considering, selling items from around the home to afford the rising cost of living. As selling unwanted belongings is one method that could help to line the nation’s pockets, eBay has crunched the numbers to reveal which secondhand items you can sell, to cash in on over £1,000.

From musical instruments worth nearly £150 that are collecting dust, to old laptops worth almost £300 that have since been upgraded – there are plenty of things you can sell to both make money and rehome elsewhere to extend the item’s lifecycle.

Alongside selling items from around the home, more than half (56%) of the nation will be making efforts to spend less, and a quarter (28%) see themselves dipping into savings, as four in five (84%) UK adults are currently feeling concerned by the increasing inflation in the UK.

It is both rising bills and life’s simple pleasures that consumers are striving to replenish their pockets to pay for. While the majority of people are worried about rising energy costs (77%), others are considering how   they will be able to afford going on holiday (34%), eating meals out  (30%) and buying presents for family and friends (24%).

We know people around the UK are concerned by the rising cost of living , and while selling unwanted items might not be a solution to the problem at large, it can be an effective way to make some extra cash to go towards bills or contribute to your savings for a  holiday this summer. Simultaneously you might help someone else find something they’ve been looking for, but without the hefty price tag. A win for you, someone else and the planet alike.

– Emma Grant, Head of Pre-Loved at eBay UK

I’m a big proponent of looking for ways to reduce consumption and eBay has not only allowed me to sell niche items, such as my retro video games, but I’ve also recently bought used tech items. You’d never think you’d find some of these things on eBay but you’d be surprised. So, it’s not just the money you can make on eBay that is so valuable, but just the variety of used products on offer too.

– Tom Nagel (26) from Southampton who cashed in on £600 in just over a year by selling video games on eBay

Average selling price of key items from around the home

Used Tech Total: £528

  • Laptop £290
  • Printer £29
  • Smartphones £153
  • Cameras £48
  • DVDs and Blu-Rays £8

Growing Kids Total: £67

  • Baby books £11Baby carriers / backpacks £32
  • Pushchairs and prams £40
  • Children’s furniture £22
  • Nursery bedding £12

Old hobbies Total: £316

  • DJ equipment £68
  • Skateboard £23
  • Musical Instruments £137
  • Garden tools and equipment £19
  • Pianos and keyboards £69

Home and wardrobe clear-out Total: £165

  • Clothes, shoes and accessories £36
  • Rugs and carpets £28Vintage and antique jewellery £39
  • Cookware and dinnerware £22
  • Photo frames £40


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