Metapack Homerr integration for sustainable deliveries

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Metapack have a new integration with Homerr, a logistic tech scale-up, enabling retailers to offer their consumers with a more sustainable and social method of receiving and returning parcels. The partnership has gone live across 2000+ locations in The Netherlands and Belgium, providing consumers in the region with greater control and certainty in the delivery of their parcels.  

Available on Metapack’s global delivery management platform, Homerr has created a new simple sustainable and innovative delivery solution for consumers, allowing them to collect and return parcels through social (at home) and service point locations, such as local stores and delivery hubs. Homerr’s specific focus on sustainability has pushed them to be label-less and to use pre-existing delivery routes, enabling them to save up to 79% CO2 emissions per parcel.

With more people buying online than ever before, sustainability is fast becoming a top consideration for consumers before they choose to buy. According to new research from Metapack, almost 75% of online shoppers have stated they consider measures to make deliveries more sustainable. Alongside this, 32% of consumers have stated that sustainability is the most important factor when selecting delivery options. 

In today’s retail climate, it’s imperative that retailers are able to offer their consumers with sustainable delivery options. We’re delighted to have Homerr’s innovative social and sustainable solution join our platform. Working together across The Netherlands and Belgium, we’ll be able to not only make it easier for our retailers to fulfil the growing consumer appetite for greener deliveries but also provide them with a flexible and convenient method of receiving deliveries that can be tailored to individual lifestyles.

– David Randall, Director of Sustainability, Metapack

Personally I find the concept of sustainable deliveries interesting and compelling… at least in theory. But how many consumers will say they want sustainable deliveries when asked but then in reality just click the buy button when they want to make a purchase with no regard for how the delivery will take place?

In cities with consumers out working in offices all day, local collection points whether they be lockers, petrol stations or newsagents is convenient. But as soon as a consumer lives out in smaller towns and villages collection points are few and far and often times it’s a trip of several miles to collect a parcel rather than a five minute walk to the corner shop. This is where many sustainability propositions fall down with consumers just happy to have their parcel delivered regardless of how environmentally friendly or otherwise the delivery might be.

Sustainability has become a powerful value proposition to increasingly conscious consumers. Our goal is to make sustainability as customer friendly as possible, and to make consumers more aware of their online purchases.

-Juriaan Matthijssen, Founder and Managing Director, Homerr

Over the past few years, we’re proud to have seen phenomenal progress at Homerr, we’ve grown from a start-up to an internationally operating organisation. Now working together with Metapack, we are making ecommerce logistics more social and sustainable. 

-Mark-Jan Pieterse, Co-founder, Homerr


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