Royal Mail SNAFU continues with eBay impacted

Royal Mail SNAFU continues with eBay impacted

Royal Mail appear to still have ongoing tech problems, with delayed eBay order download and shipping updates into Click & Drop and their tracking site offline being the latest Royal Mail SNAFU.

The 1st of November saw Click & Drop crash with a data breach marking the start of two weeks of what appears an almost continuous Royal Mail SNAFU with one part or other of their tech broken.

The 5th of November saw an issue with issue with postage purchases on Click & Drop which lasted 6 hours into the evening.

The 10th saw Royal Mail’s tracking website broken with users unable to track parcels. The good news on this is that tracking still appears to be taking place. The bad news is that Royal Mail tracking was down yesterday and it’s down this morning.

Why this hasn’t been able to be fixed is anyone’s guess, but if you do need to track a parcel the Royal Mail app is currently getting updates so download to a mobile device and track from there. With the Royal Mail tracking working on the App, the data must be there so it’s simply a front end display on their website that appears to be broken.

More impactful to retailers on a Monday morning will be the Royal Mail SNAFU impacting connectivity to eBay services. This means you may not be able to print off orders at the click of a button and if you have to type a whole weekend’s orders in by hand instead of an automatic import your day really isn’t going to start well.

At their 9.31am update, Royal Mail say that they will be working with eBay to resolve this as soon as possible.

We’re waiting to hear news of Royal Mail’s discussions with the CWU through ACAS mediation. Otherwise the Union have promised more strikes to start Black Friday week and in the run up to Christmas. None of this is good news and the only hope for Royal Mail is to settle the disputes and get their tech working reliably before they lose their entire parcel business to competitors.

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Has monty python took over RM? Just received a promo mail shot from them Blowing their trumpet about reliable Christmas delivery sustainability blah blah

R • 14th November 2022 • Reply to R

At this rate I can't see Royal Mail even existing by this time next year. They have obviously promoted a lot of incompetent people beyond their abilities, or won't fork out the cash to hire people who know what they're doing

Mike • 14th November 2022 • Reply to Mike

How many people work in Royal Mail and they can't get their tracking to work. Total shambles.

John • 14th November 2022 • Reply to John

But don't worry folks, at least we have new stamps with QR codes to scan to open facetime

Matt • 15th November 2022 • Reply to Matt

Same s##t, different day?

Robin • 15th November 2022 • Reply to Robin