AI, Chat GPT & Midjourney created Becks Autonomous

AI Created Becks Beer - Chat GPT & Midjourney

In celebration of Beck’s 150-year milestone, the brewery is conducting an experiment with the latest pioneering technology – AI. Harnessing its ability to collate years of human expertise, craft and creativity, Becks has produced the world’s first beer and full marketing campaign made with AI, Beck’s Autonomous. Becks Autonomous is one of the first completely machine-created beers in the world. 

Beck’s has always been a pioneer, creating the first green bottles, the first six-pack of beers and even sending the first UV protected bottles into space. Experimenting with AI. for the first time, Beck’s used Chat GPT and Midjourney to design the beer, branding and marketing, requesting the technology led all editing and continued development based on its intelligence until a final version was given.  

With the ability to develop delicious flavours at lightning speed, Beck’s gave AI the challenge of creating the perfect recipe. Drawn from millions of different flavour combinations, the final beer is a futuristic concoction of water, malts, hops, yeast and a fifth secret ingredient – AI.  

After naming the beer, Beck’s Autonomous, creating a custom logo, and designing its state-of-the-art container, Beck’s worked with AI to prepare all of the assets for its futuristic campaign. It generated imagery and a revolving 360 video of the newly developed container to showcase the limited-edition Beck’s Autonomous in all its glory.  

The artificial intelligence has created a product which can be tasted, touched, smelled and held. Giving people the chance to try this pioneering and cutting-edge brew, Beck’s is releasing just 450 Autonomous limited-edition beers across Germany, Italy, and the UK. 

Taking it one step further, and highlighting the wide-reaching power of AI, the next challenge was the creation of the ad campaign. Rolling out across print, Out of Home and social media, AI technology has led the creative process for all assets.  

The final task given to the technology, helped Beck’s bring its revolutionary beverage to consumers. Generating a microsite, people across the UK, Germany and Italy can sign up via to be in with the chance to get their hands on a container of Autonomous on 12th April.  

After being at the forefront of the brewing world for 150 years, this represents the next step in our journey. It’s been fascinating to see Beck’s Autonomous come to life and how we can continue to embrace new technology in the industry and across brand communications. At Beck’s we know it takes the passion of our brewers and people to make this beer that is enjoyed over the world, and we believe the multi-channel campaign for the revolutionary beer still connects with people on a human-level, despite being created and led by AI. We hope beer-fans across Europe snap up and enjoy Autonomous as a truly revolutionary drink.

– Laura Salway, Marketing Director, Becks


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