Expert insight: eBay Ads with Lukasz Zajdowski

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At the recent eBay Brighton Roadshow, we met up with Lukasz Zajdowski, Senior Ads Partnerships Manager, eBay UK talks through the different eBay Ads options.

Lukasz discussed the differences between eBay Standard, Advanced, and Express Promoted Listings, as well as eBay Display Ad option.

Picking the right programme isn’t just about the fees you’ll pay, it’s about picking the right position for your ads to appear in. One programme will get you premium slots on the first page of search results, while a another will potentially see your ad displayed in up to 60 different slots across the entire buyer journey on eBay. Understanding when and where your ads will appear will make your investment more effective.

If you’re a service provider, a brand building a D2C business, or a brand with a new product to launch, eBay Display Ads might be the best solution for you. Lukasz reveals what works, how to target ads and reveals the enormous bank of first party data eBay can use to target different consumer groups.

In this video you will find:

  • 00:00 When to use Standard, Advanced or Express eBay Promoted Listings
  • 01:32 Difference between Standard, Advanced and Express
  • 02:35 The 60 Ad placement positions with Promoted Listings Standard
  • 03:34 Premium slots in search with cost per click
  • 05:54 eBay Display Ad Solutions for service providers
  • 07:20 D2C with eBay Display Ads
  • 10:50 More information…

8 Responses

  1. 00;00 overcomplicated
    01;32 expensive
    02;35 unproductive
    03.34 unprofitable
    05;54 time consuming
    0;7;20 frustrating
    10.50 PhD course in online advertising

  2. Expert in ads? or expert in extracting as much money from sellers as possible until there businesses are no longer profitable?

  3. I am already paying for listings through my shop subscription fee. I should not have to pay more to advertise them, advertisement should be a given. Imagine if local councils erected huge billboards over the front of every high street shop so people can’t see them, and then charged each shop a fee to remove them, on top of their business rates. And not only this, but the billboards would be adverts for other shops, ones who paid the most in extra fees.

  4. This is all eBay seemed to have concentrated on since 2016, and I have seen little or no innovation anywhere else.

    I took part in the original beta back then when for example your organic listing showed and you got additional coverage for the paid one.

    Now everyone does this as eBay essentially will bury your products otherwise.
    It is fee rises in stealth. The issue is the platform is looking far to expensive for customers and there are so many other options out there now. You now have to pay them a minimum of 2% and am sure they plan to increase this. Even the China sellers are starting to use their own platforms to sell into the UK like Temu and peppering FB with ADs etc as eBay is just not selling anymore as it is just to expensive.

  5. With all the fees eBays cut is near 25% now. Take away 20% VAT as well and not really much profit. Im seeing regular suggested ad price at 11% plus, on items i dont make 11% on.

    Volumes are terrible as well.

    1. Advert fees are also not refunded if a buyer makes a no fault return.

      Its alot of money to loose.


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