Zoovu powers interactive buying assistants on eBay.de

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Zoovu powers interactive buying assistants on eBay.de

eBay Germany is partnering Zoovu, using their innovative AI discovery and ecommerce experience platform to help online shoppers find the perfect product. Zoovu already work with the likes of Microsoft, 3M, LEGO, Dyson and Einhell, saying that they increase average customer engagement by 98%, conversion rate by 211%, and average order value by 47%

When searching for products, customers are often presented with dozens or even thousands of options. Without in-depth product knowledge or a personal salesperson to help narrow the selection, online shoppers often feel overwhelmed and unsure about choosing the right product. This can lead to poor decisions and declining customer satisfaction, which in turn can result in abandoned shopping carts and ultimately declining sales.

To solve this ecommerce challenge, eBay.de has partnered with Zoovu. Zoovu offers an AI-powered discovery platform that helps online shoppers find the right product by providing them with personalized recommendations and customised product advice. This innovative solution aims to improve the customer shopping experience and increase conversion rates.

By leveraging the Zoovu platform for product discovery and ecommerce experiences, we aim to provide a unique and personalised shopping experience for our customers. Our goal is to simplify product research and support the decision-making process of our customers. By offering relevant product suggestions and tailored advice, we help them find the perfect product and enable a positive shopping experience.

– Tina Endres, Category Management Consumer Electronics, eBay.de

Now, eBay.de customers buying laptops, televisions or smartphones can enjoy a personalised online shopping experience that displays and recommends products tailored to their specific needs. This eliminates the need for extensive product research, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions quickly and effortlessly.

One of the key features of the Zoovu platform is semantic data enrichment, which saves companies like eBay.de valuable time and resources that would normally be spent on regular manual enrichment of product data. Using this feature, eBay.de can quickly standardise, structure and enrich with customer-specific context to product information from different sellers. Through intelligent product data, eBay.de is able to present buyers with consistent and reliable recommendations through its digital shopping assistants, as well as accurately reflect key quality categories such as “new,” “used,” and “refurbished.” This improves the customer’s buying experience and makes it easier to decide on the right products.

In addition, the Zoovu platform enables eBay.de to customise the design as well as the complex interaction logic of the shopping assistants without any programming knowledge. This reduces the dependency on external support and eBay.de retains full control over the development process. Within a few weeks, eBay.de was able to successfully implement customer-oriented and application-based search experiences.

Ecommerce is at a crucial turning point, where it is now relatively easy for retailers to set up an online store and process transactions. But for customers, finding the right product that meets their individual needs is often confusing and increasingly difficult. By integrating Zoovu into our customer journey, we offer our customers significant added value. We enable them to have an efficient and personalised shopping experience.

– Tina Endres, Category Management Consumer Electronics, eBay.de


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