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Shopify Magic is a new LLM chatbot designed to make running your business more easy. Want to create a blog post, email marketing, or weekly newsletter? Shopify Magic can do all that for you, but what’s perhaps even more interesting is Shopify Sidekick, powered by Magic.

Sidekick is designed to know everything about Shopify and can perform tasks for you such as setting up a discount event. Imagine having Shopify experts on speed dial that you can call on to get things done but with the massive bonus that you don’t have to pay them!

Sidekick understands what you mean and refines your writing for greater clarity. Conversational by design, you can use everyday language to jump start the creative process and overcome writers block. Start with a basic request such as “I want to write a blog post” and with Magic you’ll get some suggestions to choose from and further refine with new commands.

But where Sidekick really comes into it’s own is when you want to do something like create a back to Uni student discount code. With Sidekick being free for all Shopify users, you no longer have to know the back end or how discounts work – Sidekick can not only create the code for you, it can then create an email and send it to your student mailing list!

And then there are more in-depth business us reports that can be accessed, such as a report of your top selling products or a report for products with no sales in the last month. Sidekick removes the need to generate the reports as it can do it for you.

Once you know what your stock is doing, Sidekick can even help you sell it by creating a banner for your shop homepage, segment your customers so you can better market the right products to the right people, and even add product collections to your Shopify shop home page.

Shopify Sidekick gives the power of a team from marketing to design at your fingertips and, especially for those without inhouse expertise, should make managing your business simpler and enable you to perform tasks that previously would have involved at worst spending cash on consultants or at best waiting for colleagues to do the job for you.

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  1. As a small business this looks much more exciting than the rubbish ebay keep coming out with on their seller releases.
    ebay the other year were on about a great tech led reimigation yet don’t think they know what AI is yet, where as Shopify I can use it to write a description and looking at the new features will be able to use it for much more.
    Exciting times for a small business on Shopify.


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