ASOS serve post purchase retail media ads

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ASOS serve post purchase retail media ads

If you have just purchased on ASOS then you might be asking the question “Why am I seeing ads on the order confirmation page?” The answer is that ASOS have partnered up with Rokt, a global leader in advertising and retail media technology, to provide you with exclusive offers from 300+ brands!

Yes, this is the future of ecommerce and there’s literally been an explosion in retail media ads since the pandemic. Why blast a hopeful ad out on an internet search engine in the hope that it’ll be seen by your perfect customer demographic? Isn’t it better to say know that for instance you ideally want to be targeting 25-35 year old females and then hit them with your product when they’re in shopping mode and just made a fashion purchase on ASOS? Gotta be better than serving up a random ad when they’re on social media chatting with the other school mums about exam results!

The thing with retail media ads is that it unlocks first party data (in this case the info ASOS holds about their customers), so that the advertiser can hit just the right demographic while they’re feeling spending. Don’t worry if you’re an ASOS customer, they’re not spreading your personal data around the web, they only share anonymised information about your activity across ASOS to present you with the most relevant advertisements.

Rokt will allow Asos to offer targeted content across 15 territories including the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

Our customers expect and deserve a first-class online shopping experience. By leveraging Rokt’s technology, Asos will now be able to personalise their journey even more after completing a purchase.

Elton Ollerhead, Media group director, ASOS

Retail media ads are predicted to carry on growing, so much so that they could overtake television ad revenue by 2028. Naturally as well as it’s efficacy for advertisers, there’s a big benefit for ASOS or any other platforms offering retail media ads on their platform…. it’s a revenue generator that adds to the bottom line and in ASOS’s case they’ve just made the profit from a sale and they’re adding a few pennies additional profit simply by displaying their partners ads.

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ASOS serve post purchase retail media ads

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