Exceedity AI scale-up advisory services

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Exceedity AI scale-up advisory services

With the growth of AI in general, it’s inevitable that brands and retailers will be looking at the technology and wondering how to best implement it to support both employees be more productive and for business growth. Many won’t have the expertise in-house, so it was almost inevitable that AI scale-up advisory services for ecommerce would pop up, and that’s why Exceedity has been founded.

Exceedity is the brainchild of Glen Richardson (who many will know from his time at The Range and Fruugo) and Claire Astbury (a former Marketing Director for a Dr Oetker portfolio company). Combined, they have 40 years in the retail and digital space serving in C-suite positions, overseeing multiple B2B and B2C brands.

Glen tells me that although many large enterprises have already embraced AI and recognise its value, the key question is whether employees are utilising AI efficiently and effectively. Additionally, how are businesses utilising the hours they have saved? The true value lies in reinvesting those reclaimed hours into growth initiatives.

Utilising this newfound time is a skill in itself! Numerous organisations lack the planning efficiency required to leverage the overnight liberation of time and put it to optimal use within their organisation.

Exceedity, as an AI consultancy, not only empowers businesses with tailor-made AI strategies to unlock revenue and eliminate operational obstacles but also assist in channeling the reclaimed hours into high-growth initiatives that propel businesses forward without expanding the workforce. By joining forces with Exceedity, businesses can harness the power of AI to streamline operations and drive sustainable growth.

– Glen Richardson Managing Partner, Exceedity

AI has a transformative impact on both traffic and conversion – the two primary levers in online growth. Exceedity is collaborating with various online retailers and applying these principles in practice. Here’s how Exceedity are making a difference:

  1. Data Science: Aiding businesses in predictive modelling, segmentation, attribution, and sentiment analysis.
  2. Google Performance Max Assets: With AI capabilities, online retailers generate more engaging titles, descriptions and callouts.
  3. Social Media: Helping businesses streamline their posts and devise effective posting schedules.
  4. Product Content: Clients are optimising their product descriptions, attributes, categorisation, and SEO strategies.
  5. Conversion Rate Optimisation: Tactics such as content personalisation, dynamic pricing, A/B testing, and predictive analysis are being efficiently managed via AI solutions.
  6. Customer Service: AI-powered chatbots address customer enquiries, complaints, and feedback round the clock.
  7. Inventory Management: With AI’s predictive power, Exceedity are helping online retailers optimise their inventory.

There are numerous other areas where AI is making waves in the ecommerce sector. This includes demand forecasting, customer behaviour analysis, order fulfilment automation, return and refund management, fraud detection, dynamic customer segmentation, personalised email marketing, virtual fitting rooms in fashion retail, augmented reality experiences, and much more. The possibilities with generative AI are virtually limitless, and Exceedity are exploring new avenues every day.


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