Fulfilled By TikTok (FBT) launches today!

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Fulfilled By TikTok (FBT) launches today!

Fulfilled By TikTok (FBT) will be officially launched today in the UK. TikTok’s logistics offering in the UK, will store, pick, pack and ship merchant goods to the end customer, freeing up brands to concentrate on manufacturing and sourcing stock and producing compelling content on TikTok to market their products.

This really is a game changer for TikTok, we’ve seen many businesses such as Nature Spell, eFones, and SoSweet see sales rocketing since TikTok Shop launched in the UK in 2021, and these businesses simply can’t keep up with picking and packing the deluge of orders that TikTok generates. To put some numbers around these businesses:

  • Nature Spell grew from a couple of TikTok orders a day up to 9,000 orders in less than a year
  • eFones launched a new Infinix smartphone in the UK and sold ~60,000 units in less than six months
  • SoSweet have seen over 95,000 sales from just one of their TikTok listings

What will most interest brands and retailers, is that sales on TikTok don’t appear to cannibalise sales from other platforms. It’s additive rather than dilution and George from SoSweet went so far as to say that sales on TikTok actually enhances and amplifies sales from their 10 physical retail locations.

As merchants find success and scale on TikTok Shop UK, FBT allows them to outsource otherwise time-consuming logistics with a trusted partner, safe in the knowledge that delivery times are shortened, customer satisfaction is higher, and refunds / disputes are handled by TikTok Shop directly.

From today, TikTok are partnering with third party logistics (3PL) fulfillment service providers to receive, pick, pack and ship items to customers. Merchants will ship their items into the designated warehouse where products will be stored and shipped out as orders are placed

TikTok are always looking for ways to improve the merchant selling experience on TikTok Shop. FBT frees up merchants’ time from logistical challenges via a simple, fast and affordable solution so they can focus on other aspects of their business such as marketing, content and product development. 

As TikTok Shop continues to grow in the uk, we are committed to providing a seamless merchant experience. Our new logistics service, Fulfilled by TikTok, offers an option which shortens delivery times and improves the shopping experience for our community. This service allows fast-growing TikTok Shop merchants to focus on providing entertaining content and fantastic products, enabling them to thrive.

– TikTok

TikTok have been testing the Fulfilled by TikTok service with a select group of merchants in the UK since November 2022, but they are today officially launching FBT to all eligible merchants on TikTok Shop UK

Merchants who are interested in signing up to FBT can visit the dedicated Fulfilled By TikTok operations portal (https://uk.pipak.com/fulfillment-by-tiktokshop) where you can learn about FBT rate cards, seller benefits and more.

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2 Responses

  1. This is the future. I just hope Tik Tok don’t go down the route Amazon did of extracting all the margin and making doing business so complicated it became no fun, very stressful and unprofitable. If they do the opposite – let sellers thrive, make business fun and let the sellers time be focused on selling not jumping through metrics hoops!

  2. I agree. Amazon & Walmart are pretty greedy. Glad to see the playing field evening out.


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