Merchant success with FBT (Fulfilled by TikTok)

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Merchant success with FBT (Fulfilled by TikTok)

TikTok are seeing larger merchants in particular benefit from FBT. Many of the merchants currently using FBT are amongst those sellers on the platform with the highest order volumes

As these merchants find success and scale on TikTok Shop UK, FBT allows them to outsource otherwise time-consuming logistics with a trusted partner, safe in the knowledge that delivery times are shortened, customer satisfaction is higher, and refunds / disputes are handled by TikTok Shop directly.

Here’s what retailers on the FBT early access programme had to say:

Beauty Crop

Skincare and MakeUp brand The Beauty Crop saw order volumes increase by 30%, shipping lead times drop by 36% and late dispatch rates drop by over 45%.

As a small independent company we’ve seen great cost savings since moving to FBT

– Ning Cheah, Founder, The Beauty Crop

Nature Spell

Watch our video interview with Sach, Managing Director of personal care brand Nature Spell (you’ve almost certainly seen their rosemary hair oil on your TikTok For You Feed!) Sach saw orders ramp up from a handful a day to around 9,000 sales a day!

FBT is a world apart from what we would have if we didn’t have it. I don’t think I’d be sitting here in my new office to be honest with you. We couldn’t keep up with packing to put in short we’re a manufacturing company. We ran out of space completely, we were putting things outside and we just didn’t have enough storage.

– Sach, Managing Director, Nature Spell


eFones launched a new Infinix smartphone in the UK and sold ~60,000 units in less than six months

Two years ago when we were crazy busy trying to pack all the orders we received from Black Friday to Christmas, I said to the logistics department, “You watch, they’ll have FBT like Amazon do – They’ll have the warehouses where we can send the products“… and two years later we’re here. We were the first people who now ship our products to FBT – they fulfill the orders for us.

– Emily,cofounder, eFones


SoSweet have seen over 95,000 sales from just one of their TikTok listings

The two for £10 mix sweet bags offer that we introduced at the start of October, we went from processing about 100 orders a day to the best part of 1,500 orders per day by the end of October, so a massive growth in such a short amount of time and to this day we’ve sold shy of 94,000 units of that product. Our three best selling products are in the FBT warehouse so they’re not touched by us. They get sent direct from the supplier to the FBT warehouse and the FBT team pick, pack, process and fulfill all our orders for those products a lot more efficiently than we can.

– George, Owner, SoSweet


FBT has been a game changer for us, streamlining processes and improving our business. It significantly reduces lead time, enabling lightning fast order processing and delivery. It boosts order volume and attracts more customers with its robust features and user-friendly interface. Other merchants can benefit greatly from this program.

Sumayah, TikTok Shop UK Creator and Merchant


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