2023 eBay for Business Awards Winners

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2023 eBay for Business Awards Winners

This week I was thrilled to be invited to the 2023 eBay for Business Awards presentation, held at Parliament. Meeting the winners opens the window onto just how diverse businesses on eBay are, from those that have been trading for decades to those that have spotted an opportunity and are building a start up.

Guests were welcomed by Matt Vickers MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Future of Retail, followed by Eve Williams, General Manager of eBay UK. Then Kevin Hollinrake, Minister for Small Business took to the stage and he really understands the challenges of entrepreneurs running a business, having built an estate agency business prior to becoming an MP.

One interesting point Kevin made was that you are many times more likely to set up a business if your parents were in business and that it’s vital to create a pathway for others to become business owner. A shining example of this is Sheena of Luxury Designer Bag, who’s parents have run a Berkshire sweet shop for over two decades!

However Kevin also got a massive laugh by pointing out that, unlike many of his colleagues in Parliament, due to his former life as an estate agent, he is one of the few that elevated their status in life by becoming an MP!

But, on to the winners and huge congratulations to them all!

2023 eBay for Business Awards Winners

Social Impact Award – Winner: Isabel Hospice

The eBay for Business Social Impact Award recognises businesses that enrich their communities and lend a helping hand to those who need it most, stopping at nothing to lead the way to a fairer, more sustainable world.

The winner is the brilliant Isabel Hospice, whose eBay arm of the business is combined with other selfless initiatives and sectors to raise funds for the free palliative care and patient support provided by the hospice. They are a massively interesting business, still coping with the aftermath of their 16 retail outlets being closed and losing donations and volunteers during the pandemic, but thriving on eBay!

Community Contribution Award – Winner: Jon Luc YT

The Community Contribution Award recognises outstanding contributions to the eBay community, celebrating businesses that are always willing to share their wisdom and lend a helping hand to other sellers. 

The winner, Jon Luc YT, is the perfect embodiment of this award, with his ongoing commitment to empowering his thousands of followers to grow their own businesses, while also providing an important support network. 

Business Growth Award – Winner: Vintage Honey Pots

The Business Growth Award recognises bold businesses that have seized opportunities and embraced the tools at their disposal to unlock new revenue streams or elevate existing ones to deliver a real upsurge in growth.

By re-evaluating its approach and embracing various eBay tools and programmes, the winner was able to exceed its total sales figures for the whole of 2022 in the first 6 months of 2023! Congratulations, Vintage Honey Pots!

eBay Pioneer Award – Winner: Phil Comics

The eBay Pioneer Award recognises a longstanding, upstanding seller that has been there every step of the way – taking advantage of all that eBay has to offer to be the star of their own success story.

Not only has the winner, Phil Comics, been selling on eBay for over 23 years, his ability to evolve with the times and consistently delight customers has built a brand that is revered throughout the collectables category.

It was a real pleasure to meet Phil in person, especially to then realise he’s been commenting on ChannelX for decades and even occasionally emailed with news tips over the years he’s been selling on eBay!

Above & Beyond Award – Winners: Found So Pretty & Travelruss GB Stamps

The Above & Beyond Award recognises businesses that go above and beyond for their customers – with an extensive list of outstanding feedback, which is testament to their unwavering commitment to customer service. 

The first of the two winners, Found So Pretty, is truly dedicated to going above and beyond for her customers. She’s a firm believer of being kind in life and business – and this clearly shows with her efforts to support customers in whichever way she can.

The second winner in this category, Travelruss GB Stamps, has built an amazing business centred on his dedication to customer service, with little touches helping to deliver a big impact – and thousands upon thousands of positive Feedback!

Start-Up Award – Winners: Fro Seeds, Luxury Designer Bag & PreLoved Tech

The Start-Up Award recognises businesses that have combined the power of imagination, innovation and steely determination to start a successful business, which has also been able to impact the world in a meaningful way.

The first winner, Fro Seeds, is one exciting start-up to look out for, with a purpose-driven business and instantly recognisable brand that was born from a passion for organic gardening and sustainable living.

The second winner in this category, Luxury Designer Bag, is an inspirational small business, not only for her amazing products that are always beautifully displayed, but for a wider commitment to circular fashion and driving positive change!

And the final 2023 eBay for Business Awards winner, PreLoved Tech, is a shining example of a business that was forced to pivot during the pandemic, but hasn’t looked back since! But more commendable is PreLoved Tech’s phenomenal contribution to keeping countless items out of landfill.

4 Responses

  1. If you look at last year’s winners and the ones before that, they either stopped trading or are generally going to tiny volumes.

    With the 10K investment prize or whatever, these awards seem to be cursed.

    I would post the links and proof, but that wouldn’t be allowed.

  2. The keywords of the year and it would seem fewnext years is ‘second hand’

    For everything else there’s a Chinese sellers. I’m sure many have won awards on eBay.cn.

  3. Your thrown under the bus winning these !
    exposed to competition /
    Ebay troll scrutiny, not to mention the regulatory and tax authorities

    1. Yeah, but this year’s winners are all collectibles and second-hand items. so CCP is less likely to destroy them.

      I think last year a guy-seller Pokemon cards won for example, and there were a few second-hand clothes sellers and stuff.

      Thats all eBay is now really for small domestic sellers.

      They are prob giving everyone a massive hint with these awards!

      Time to give up, what are you going to really win? Access to the UK turd retail market, yeah well worth getting stressed, breaking your back and risking loads of money for !


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