Channels to meet at ChannelX World 2023

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Channels to meet at ChannelX World 2023

ChannelX World unlocks the opportunity for Retailers, Brands/DTC and Merchants to explore marketplaces and alternative channels. We’ll be bringing you the real-world case studies and success stories of brands and retailers who have achieved remarkable results when the conference opens next week on the 11th of October. Secure your position at the forefront of selling with ecommerce innovations and be part of the conversation by booking your ticket to ChannelX World and joining us.

Here are just a few of the Channels to meet at ChannelX World 2023:

Keynote: The Power of TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop are shaping the future for marketplaces by redefining social commerce. Their mission is to empower brands to elevate through entertainment and ecommerce.

Join this keynote with Fred Fishlock FMCG Lead at TIkTok, to explore a new world of selling and learn about their 360 all-in-app offering that is seamlessly integrated to supercharge your product sales. Fred will give you an insight into everything from how to sell on the platform to leveraging TikTok Ads and even our new logistic solution – Fulfiled by TikTok. Immerse yourself in shoppertainment, and discover the exciting possibilities of selling on TikTok Shop UK!

Workshop: The 3C’s – How content, creators and commerce come together on TikTok Shop

Creating content on TikTok doesn’t have to be a chore. After all, the primary goal is to capture people’s interests. TikTok Shop is where commerce meets entertainment.

Tune in to this workshop with TikTok’s Patricia Olufemi Creator Growth Strategy and Amanda Uduku Merchant Growth Strategy as they dive into some effective strategies on how to produce compelling content that sells and choosing the right creators that will help you build authentic connections with your audiences.

Workshop: TikTok Shop Launch Guide

Join Tom Baker Founder & CEO at FordeBaker, to learn everything you need to know about driving discoverability, managing fulfilment and growing sales on the biggest story in the marketplace sector.


As we approach 2024, the rise of Generative AI has been unprecedented, offering exciting possibilities like personalized video content and dynamic customer interactions.

Explore the implications of this technology for marketplace marketing with Charlotte Munro, Global Product Marketing – Generative AI at, including mastering Generative AI like Chat GPT to engage customers with authentic messaging & next level personalisation.

Dive into the challenges of creating compelling product or service descriptions and titles that capture attention in an era where visual content can no longer be blindly trusted. What strategies and best practices should you adopt & adapt? Join Booking’s Generative AI guru to stay ahead of the curve.

Panel Discussion: eBay, H&M, Auto Trader

Striking a balance between supply and demand is critical for marketplace success. If supply outstrips demand, sellers may struggle to generate sales, leading to dissatisfaction and attrition. On the other hand, if demand exceeds supply, buyers may face limited options or experience stockouts, negatively impacting user experience. Managing inventory levels, ensuring sufficient product availability, and addressing fluctuations in demand can be challenging.

So what is the blueprint to maintain a healthy ecosystem? Join eBay’s Eve Williams, H&M’s Kimmo Jukuri and Auto Trader’s Ian Plummer, to get the latest tips on effective inventory management, proactive communication with sellers, demand forecasting, and fostering a balance between supply and demand.

Keynote: How to Drive Sales & Protect Margin on Amazon in 2023

Amazon is a huge sales channel, but with increasing ad costs, platform costs and less stable demand, how do the best brand managers deliver both sales AND margin in 2023?

Jim Mann Vice President Europe at GETIDA will be sharing at least 5 actionable strategies to help your brand win on Amazon in 2023.

Workshop Amazon Profitability Unleashed

Join Cameron Furmidge Head of Insights at Luzern eCommerce workshop, where we’ll be focusing on marketplaces and market expansion. Cameron will discuss the challenges presented by Amazon that often lead to squeezed profit margins and the effective strategies to overcome them. Discover how to enhance profitability through a managed 3p strategy, with proof points and success stories from the leading brands we work with.

This workshop will provide practical, real-world insights to optimize your marketplace performance and broaden your market presence, ensuring growth and success in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Onstage Interview: OnBuys Rapid Rise

OnBuy might be Europe’s fast growing ecommerce company, (two years in a row according to the FT1000!) but there is still plenty of room for growth. Having grown 3402% since 2018, they say they are still accelerating, so come to this session as we quizz James Boothby Head of CRM, at OnBuy, to hear how they are supporting sellers in unique ways and what they are doing differently to other marketplaces to fuel this growth.

Panel Discussion: Sephora, KF Beauty & Mirakl

Discover how brands and merchants can tap into retailer-owned marketplaces to expand customer reach, drive sales, and foster collaboration.

Join Sephora’s Ting-Ting Lee, KF Beauty’s Diego Mandelbaum and Mirakl’s Simon Dyer to explore the benefits of aligning with a retailer-owned marketplace, including increased brand visibility, access to a loyal customer base, and the importance (& challenges) of seamless integration within a trusted ecosystem.

Keynote: Alibaba – AR & VR

AR and VR technologies are being increasingly integrated into marketplaces & social commerce to enhance the online shopping experience. Customers can visualize products in their physical environment, providing a more immersive and interactive journey.

Join Mei Chen GM, Head of Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle at Alibaba Group, to discover what new technology can help optimize your product listings? Whether a small or large merchant or brand, what is key to selling via AR or VR? Let’s find out from one of the biggest in the business, Alibaba.


ChannelX World will be back in 2024

ChannelX World will be back in 2024 (hopefully without a fire alarm!)

Last call: Get your ChannelX World Ticket now!

Last call: Get your ChannelX World Tickets now!

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Meet OnBuy at ChannelX World

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