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eBay have started to publicise the retiring of TurboLister 1 with support ending in early April. It’s great that they’re keeping us informed, however there are a number of concerns with the announcement. Currently plans are to disable TurboLister 1 on the 4th April 2007.

Firstly I’m already using TurboLister 2, so if they’ve “noticed” I’m still using the old version they’re not detecting it correctly. Secondly TurboLister 2 still isn’t Windows Vista ready yet. A Vista compliant release was scheduled for early March but the last information from 11th March was that the update was delayed with no official launch date confirmed.

Finally today many users are reporting that the latest update to TurboLister 2 has removed the option for Shop Inventory Format and eBay Express listings, lost gallery pictures and started to calculate fees in US$ instead of GB£.

This is eBay’s flagship listing tool used by thousands of sellers around the world. If eBay fail to fix the bugs and release upgrades for Vista in just a couple of weeks sellers will be unable to list effectively. Some could use SYI form, but we’ve heard there are problems both in SMP, and with “Sell similar item”.

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  1. Frankly, it’s a joke. TL is as unreliable as you can get, and third party listing tools such as Spoonfeeder are perennially out of date because eBay’s constant fiddling with the site make it almost impossible for them to keep on top of site changes. You’d think they’d make it easy for me to list zillions of things, but they really don’t.

  2. The last few weeks, I’ve suffered TL2 dying a complete death on me, and when I’ve tried to use Spoonfeeder that has had issues due to ebay tinkering, and them not keeping up.

    You would think that helping sellers get listings up and running would be a primary concern wouldn’t you.

    Well, after the blue button obviously……

  3. “because eBay’s constant fiddling with the site make it almost impossible for them to keep on top of site changes”

    I ‘echo’ that statement, and as at the end of April, auctionpix will no longer support its in house sell your item process. Its almost a full time programming job keeping up with changes, fixing API bugs etc etc, and the returns do not justify the expense.

  4. for the 3rd time this year and just before a `reduced` listing day, turbo lister has decided in its wisdom to delete over 2500 items I had stored there, lucky i backed them up. except now i have reinstalled TL2 it does not want to reckonise my back up files!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t get TurboLister2 to install. When it gets to the installing updates bit it just hangs forever and is therefore unusable.

  6. No shit….What a mess…..TL2….I made the mistake of DL’ing it before reading all this mess… Now, I’m stuck in the middle of a 60meg update for the different countries I list in and it’s been over an hour….

    The only reason I even attempted the TL2 is because the new SYI is a slow ass pig…Now, my computer isn’t the speed demon that many of you have but I tell you….when it takes over a minute just to write the title because the form runs so slow….that’s just too much…

    Ebay + Payhell = Nightmare X2

  7. I realize this is an old posting, but I am currently ending all of my auctions and going to move to another site.

    Is TurboLister a viable option for me or should I try spoonfeeder?

    Thank you!

  8. If you mean another *eBay* site then the latest version of TurboLister is great. If you mean an non-eBay site then TurboLister is a non-started and you need to investigate what bulk uploading tools are available for the site you intend listing on.

  9. RB: You can only use TurboLister on eBay, so you can certainly use it to back up all your eBay listings. TL will export in CSV (comma separated variable) format, which you can import into Excel, or some other bulk listing tools. So you’ll need to check exactly what your chosen other site will accept.

    I’m not entirely sure where you can use Spoonfeeder. The front page of their site mentions “other great sites like Bidtopia”, but their FAQs say eBay only. So I would check with SF support if their product will meet your specific requirements.



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