eBay car tyre stuck together with Superglue

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Continental Tyres recently made test purchases of second hand car tyres on eBay with alarming results.

  • One in five were over the recommended age limit for tyres
  • 20% contravened the ‘Sales of Goods Act’ by not having a legally-required ‘E’ marking
  • None of the tyres fully conformed with regulation which says that they should be marked as part worn
  • Two of the tyres were well below the minimum tread depth
  • One tyre was found to have an illegal and dangerous repair
  • One tyre had been stuck back together with superglue.

When surveyed one in eight motorists have already bought, or would consider buying second-hand tyres from eBay – rising to one in three among 18-24 year olds

That’s some truly alarming statistics. There are plenty of reputable tyre dealers both on and off eBay, but apparently the lure of replacement rubber for as little as £5.00 per wheel is too tempting for many.

As always eBay is only a venue and unable to make judgement calls on which goods are of satisfactory quality. A few tyres on eBay may be sold to turn into planters but I’m betting most of them end up back on the road.

Sellers should be aware they’re liable for the products they sell. Buyers should check they’re buying from a reputable source both on and off eBay.

2 Responses

  1. Alarming reading! Seeing as tyres are only in contact with the road over a few square inches at a time, you would think people would pay for a reasonable quality.



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