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Some good news for eBay Stores and Shops owners today. Firstly, the Stores link in the header is coming back “over the next few days”. Changes are also on the way for the .com Stores Hub, adding “excitement, discoverability, and personalization” for Stores shoppers: hopefully this is an easier way to access favourite Stores and see more Stores in your favourite categories, which would be a great development.

Meanwhile on, the return of the Shops tab to the homepage, alongside Motors and Express, has been promised for the end of this month. Though this was originally included in the UK’s new home page, it subsequently vanished in mysterious circumstances. We look forward to its safe return.

3 Responses

  1. I’m interested to see the new Stores/Shops Hub. I think how they re-design it will be an indicator of a change in focus by management. If it is all the things they say in their announcement “excitement, discoverability, and personalization” that is a good thing indeed.

    I still believe serious sellers should branch off into their own webstores and not trust their future solely to eBay.

  2. It’s better than that, Sue. From what I read, eBay UK will also have a shops link in the main header so will be available on all eBay pages.

  3. All smacks of policy toward stores changing with the wind and tides for the past year or two. One day Store sellers are targeted as the bad guys of eBay and fee hikes are justified to return a ‘balance’ to the marketplace (huh?), then they make stores all but invisible to buyers and now they are starting to offer support and promotion again.

    Make your mind up guys! Do you want store sellers or don’t you?



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