Get your friends to sell and earn $50!


Another giveaway today for .com sellers: refer up to ten friends as new eBay sellers and earn US$5 for every one who lists something. As an extra incentive for your friends (because you *were* going to share that five dollars, right? :-D) they get free insertion fees and gallery on their first three listings.

Qualification for this programme is worded rather oddly: you have to be “a registered Seller of and have an eBay account that is in Qualified Standing”. The second half is the normal “if you haven’t paid your seller account, you can’t list” clause, but the first part might apply to any eBay seller: after all, we can all use the same ID to list on any eBay site we choose. I assume it actually means “registered in the US”, as it’s blocking UK and European-registered accounts, so that’s me excluded.

The question has rightly been asked, why on earth would eBay be trying to pull in new sellers? We already have plenty of sellers; it’s more buyers we need! There’s no doubt that this time of year is traditionally very quiet, and anything that can get the site moving will make the Q3 figures look more healthy. eBay’s theory is that buyers who’ve sold a couple of things themselves become much more loyal to eBay: a little bit of selling makes for keener buyers. Lets hope it works that way this time.

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  1. I’m sure this promo will become a regular thing every summer just like the Stores/Shops promo they have every spring. I do have a suggestion for eBay though.

    Stores/Shops Sellers are some of the best buyers on eBay. They should concentrate on adding value to Stores/Shops rather than trying to get a few casual sellers to drop by.

    If Stores/Shops Sellers were growing their sales they would be buying on the site as well.

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