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eBay Logo People AdverteBay are about to launch a brand new set of TV adverts . The television once again will feature the brightly coloured logo people from previous ads, but they’ve been updated to appear more lifelike and representative of the eBay community.

In a new twist the adverts will feature real-time auction listings with a live feed direct from the eBay website. This will be interesting and I can’t wait to see the results, anyone’s auctions could appear on your television.

It’s rumoured that the first ten second advert will appear this coming Sunday evening during ITV1’s X Factor, not a programme I normally watch but I guess I’m going to have to make an exception! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

The adverts will run into October when longer half minute and full minute adverts will air. There will also be print and online adverts appearing later in the series.

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  1. Yeah this will be reaaallly interesting to see.

    I think it will be refreshing to see a unique ad every time it comes on. I wonder what types of items they’ll select to highlight.

    This also leaves them prone to error. Who wants to bet we’ll see them showcase a fake Louis Vuitton bag, followed by a media outrage? Or show off the auction of a restricted seller or someone with an obvious listing violation?

  2. I doubt anyone will be informed ahead of time.

    The system searches for items that are ending a few hours after the air time of the advert and also fulfill certain criteria (ie have images, are in certain categories and have excellent feedback ratings etc).

    Then someone at eBay will flag an interesting one for each time slot, at which point the system will start constantly keeping a watch on those items so that when the advert is played, up-to-date information can be inserted over the top (accurate to more like 5-10 seconds in actual fact).


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