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There’s long been a need for an easy way to bulk revise listings on eBay, and Bulk Reviser from Comsulting is the perfect tool to fit the job. I’ve always been a fan of TurboLister but mass editing listings is easier and quicker with Bulk Reviser.

There are two versions of the product – one for and another for When you install the program you need to link it to your eBay account and you can then download your active listings into Bulk Reviser.

You’re now ready to edit most variables on listings including price including quantity, Best Offer, payment methods, postage (both domestic and international) and even the titles of your listings.

If you need to perform even simple tasks such as changing VAT rates or editing the email address for PayPal payments this program is superb. Tasks such as adding, removing, or adjusting Best Offer accept and decline prices can be achieved in seconds.

To make selecting the listings you wish to edit easy it’s possible to sort by clicking columns (eg sort by title, listing format, price etc), or to refine your selection by searching for keywords in item titles. Items can be selected and edited en masse, or individually with changes uploaded to eBay in bulk.

There are only a couple of limitations to the software: You can only revise listings on one site (either or depending which version you purchase). Currently you can only link Bulk Revise to one eBay ID, although a multi-ID version is to be released shortly. The software interface is slightly techie but no more so than TurboLister – experienced eBay users will have no trouble finding their way around.

If you need to edit multiple attributes on one listing each has to be done in a seperate screen and uploaded to ebay. This however isn’t a weakness of the program, it’s designed so that you can make a single change to multiple listings quickly and efficiently, and that’s what the program does best. If you need to make the same change to some or all of your live eBay listings, then this is the program for you.

Bulk Revise costs just £39.95 for either the UK or version. Comsulting are offering all Tamebay readers a 10% discount. To claim the discount enter “Tamebay” as a coupon code when making your purchase.

15 Responses

  1. It’s bloody brilliant Whirly – so much easier as you get to see just the attribute you want to edit…

    I’m using it to tweak postage prices and will be monitoring my DSRs – I can change them in bulk without having to wait while TL opens 100 listings 😀

  2. Jimbo,

    No, we don’t use any part of the File Exchange structure. Each revision is validated through the Ebay API in code, no flat file formats are used.


    Unfortunately we don’t offer a trial version but full product support is included.

  3. Susan sorry I wont be using the program then
    full product support means little to me

  4. Susan, If it included the option to save the changes to my SMP templates I would find the program more interesting (or even better edit my SMP templates directly).

  5. Jimbo,

    I’m not sure if Ebay allow 3rd party developers to integrate directly with SMP but will certainly investigate the possibility as a future enhancement.

  6. Please done say you can edit the return police field from 7 to 14days……. My colleague has just completed editing all our 3000 odd listings using TL synch and not it would do the lot in bulk as kept crashing!!!!

    Sounds a great tool for the price and will have bash as ammending postage rates is the next task

  7. Bryn,

    Sorry, but return policy is (for some strange reason) part of item specifics within the Ebay API.

    We will be adding it soon though, even before the main item specifics sections.

    The current version has full postage revision capabilities.



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